You Haven’t Experienced Real Magic Until You’ve Stood Under These 11 Trees

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Featured below are the most stunning and magical trees our planet has to offer. Some of them are huge and most will leave you breathless. Let us know which on is your favorite in the comments and be sure to share with your family and friends!

Antarctic Beech with hanging moss in Oregon

Image credit: Drew Hopper

Angel Oak Tree In Southern Carolina

Image credit: Daniela Duncan

Japanese Maple In Oregon

Image credit: falcor88

A Sequoia Tree In California

Image credit: Michael Nichols

Rainbow Eucalyptus in Hawaii

Image credit: jwilsonnorton

New Zealand Wind Swept Trees

Image credit: Seabird Nz

Flamboyant Tree in Brazil

Image credit: Salete T Silva

Dragonblood Tree In Yemen

Image credit: Csilla Zelko

Maple Tree In Oregon

Image credit: Ian Sane

Cherry Trees In Germany

Image credit: Adas Meliauskas

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