4 Ways To Make Love (Without Taking Your Clothes Off)

Making love and sex are staples in showing affection and deeply sharing ourselves with someone.

If physical methods are the main ways that you and your partner deepen bonds, you are missing out on so many opportunities. There are more subtle ways to show affection and learn about your partner.

Get Up And Participate In Life Together

Breathe life back into a relationship or continue to strengthen the non sexual aspect of your relationship with your lover. Make time for one another to do things that you both enjoy and are non sexual. Go on adventures, go for walks, do puzzles, or just spend a lazy afternoon hanging out with each other.

Open Up And Share

Talk to one another and share feelings and history. Explore your partner's history and personality. They are a unique and rich personality, as you find out information, respect their individuality and choices. This is a two way street so don't hold out on them.

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