3 Types Of People To Never Turn Away

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1. Your Guide.

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Unsplash / Barbara Olsen
Unsplash / Barbara Olsen

You may find this person in more than one incarnation. It may be a grandparent, then a teacher, then a coworker or friend.

The guardian helps mentor and guide you through life. They inspire you, encourage you, and give you solid feedback on your life.

You’re lucky if you have them in your life already. Be sure not to turn them away when they show up. Sometimes it’s a matter of setting aside your ego and being able to listen.

2. Your Counterbalance.

Your counterbalance is the person in your life who tells it like it is. They’re honest with you, they don’t care if their honesty hurts your feelings, and they want to see you grow as a person.

They aren’t mean about it, but they’re not going to let you trundle about life like a dummy. You may find yourself in heated arguments, but those arguments will reveal some serious positive.

3. Your Soulmates.

There’s a reincarnation theory that I’ve always enjoyed. When your past incarnation died, its soul shattered into uncountable little pieces.

Those pieces, in the ethereal afterlife goop, mixed in with a bunch of other soul pieces.

And then some cosmic entity swept up a bunch of pieces, molded them into a fresh new soul, and gave it to the vessel you possess now.

This means that your soul currently has some pieces of your last incarnation but has a lot of pieces of other souls. So when two souls meet who contain the same pieces, there’s an immediate connection. Neat, right?

There are lots of different types of soul mates. Simply put, a soul mate is someone you share a bit of your soul with.

They’ll be friends, family, and lovers too. It’s not always a romantic connotation. When you meet someone you know you share a bit of your soul with, let them in.

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