6 Ways To Lift Your Spirits When You're Feeling Low

If You Have The Power To Make Someone Happy, Do It

At times, we all feel the pressure of life's stresses and worries on our shoulders. Sometimes it all gets to be overwhelming, and we struggle to find the joy in our busy existence.

What most people don't realize is that happiness is everywhere around you, but when you aren't practicing regular healthy self care, you are blinded to it.

When you get to the point of being utterly physically and emotionally drained and you're neglecting all of your own needs, it's impossible to appreciate those small joys that might bring some light into your life otherwise.

Here are 6 simple ways to boost your happiness and keep yourself open to receiving joy.

1. Get some sleep

It might seem like a simple answer, but the large majority of working people out there are suffering from a severe lack of sleep.

Your body goes through multiple cycles or stages of sleep throughout the night, it needs to complete enough of those cycles and reach all of the proper stages in order to re-energize and rebuild itself.

When you miss hours or nights of sleep, that lost time is added to a life long sleep debt that will keep growing so long as you never get caught up on your rest.

You can work on this by listening to your mind and body, sleep when you're tired, don't fight your exhaustion when it arises.

Even a quick power nap in the afternoon of between 10 and 30 minutes can jump your batteries and raise your alertness.

Watch out though, sleeping too much more than that during the day can lead to that slow, groggy feeling which is sometimes referred to as "sleep inertia".

2. Spend some quality time in nature

Not only does a good nature walk give you a chance to enjoy the Earth and all of it's simple wonders, it can be grounding and provides a peaceful ambiance perfect for self reflection and meditation.

Recent studies even suggest that all of the colors of living plants we find in nature, particularly various green hues, can help to lighten your mood and lessen your anxiety.

Soaking up the sun is also good for vitamin deficiencies that can otherwise affect your mood negatively.

3. Share a good laugh

It may not always be easy to get a hearty, genuine laugh going out of nowhere, but we all have those friends or films, music or shows that we just can't help but find hilarious.

The physical act of laughing actually stimulates a part of the brain that is linked directly to happiness and your pleasure centers.

A little laughter makes everybody feel better, and it seems to be infectious once you get going.

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4. Stand in the sea breeze

Salt water is an intriguing solution. It is currently being researched what the various health benefits of the ocean are for the body, but the mental and emotional benefits are already well known.

Listening to the cyclical patterned noises that the waves make crashing on the shore can have a calming or soothing effect.

The rhythmic audio stimulation can be almost trance-like and at the very least tends to give the sea side visitor an overall feeling of peace and contentedness.

5. Practice deep, mindful breathing.

"If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to breathe correctly."
—Andrew Weil

Sometimes the best answers are the most basic.

Breathing isn't something we even think about most of the time, simply an involuntary physical action that happens on a constant basis, but if you can take the time and make an effort to pause occasionally and take a few deep breaths, you'd be shocked at how much it can change your mindset.

Practicing purposeful breathing, filling your lungs as full as you can and slowly releasing that air helps to oxygenate your brain and body and clear your mind of panic.

6. Take a shower

Some people prefer hot steamy showers and others like a cool rinse after a hard day, but no matter what your temperature, hydrotherapy is a powerful and wonderful tool for calming and evening out your mood.

Cold showers can refresh you and even assist in lowering blood pressure, whereas a hot shower will alleviate aches, pains and tensions.

Your needs may vary depending on what type of week or day you've had, but a comfortable shower, perhaps with some aromatic soap (aroma therapy can be very helpful in mood boosting) will do you wonders.

It's easy to forget these small things, these little bits of self care, when we are caught up in the chaos of a busy life, but all it takes is a few minutes out of the day and it could be just the infusion of calm and joy you need.

If you can manage to make a habit of a few of these suggestions, you may find that your daily life is wholly changed and you're smiling more than ever.

7. Find What Works For You

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How To Be More Confident In Just 5 Minutes, Try It

We're Not Born With It

We weren't born confident. Confidence is a quality we need to cultivate by thinking outside of the box and refusing to live only to please others. Think back to when you were a child. You didn't need to be confident then, you simply cried when things didn't go your way. But, as you grew up, you start to notice the impact of how others see you and you become self-conscious. We're the ones that give power to others by letting what they think to dictate our confidence when really it's how we feel about ourselves that will radiate confidence.

That's why all it takes to be more confident is five minutes designed to rewire your thought pattern to bring the attention back where it belongs.

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Strike A Power Pose

woman makes vshape with her arms

Elisabeth Wales / Unsplash

Guess what? No one is confident all the time. Not even those who have a full makeup and hair team every single day. The key is knowing how to switch confidence back on when it seems fleeting. You can actually trick your own brain.

Go into a room where you can be alone. It helps if there's a mirror. Then extend your arms up in a "V" shape. Stand as tall and as big as you possibly can. This is called the Victory stance and is a power pose. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart ad your chin up, and stand there in silence for two whole minutes. It might feel awkward for the first 30 seconds, but it'll fix your posture, bring a smile to your face and restore your confidence. Take that power out the door with you by keeping your head held high and your body standing straight.

Maintain Eye Contact

close of woman's blue eyes with makeup

Ismail Hadine / Unsplash

Eye Contact is arguably the most powerful form of communication. When interacting with others, looking them in the eye makes them feel seen and acknowledges every word they say. When you keep your gaze fixated on them, after a while you genuinely stop noticing everything happening around them, and in a way you make them feel like the only person in the world.

You can do the same thing to yourself. Stand by a mirror and stare straight into your own and watch the world melt away. Remind yourself with the intention that at this moment all that matters is you. Everything else is on hold because to face it, you need to first check-in with yourself. You have all the power to make that happen because you love yourself, you have a purpose, and you matter. Remember who you are and ground yourself.

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Lose The "Ums"

woman sits on brown staircase and laughs with eyes closed

Brooke Cagle / Unsplash

A confident person articulates and speaks with intention. Instead of blurting out whatever comes to mind, show assertiveness by taking a second to think before you speak. Not only will this help you lose the ums and uhs but it will make what you say seem more valuable. the same goes for awkward giggles at the end of a sentence.

Laughing when you're done is like saying that everything you just said was a joke and completely discredits you. You can practice this even as you think. Train your thought patterns so they flow.

Relive Your Most Glorious Moment

dancer does split jump in desert environment

David Hofmann / Unsplash

This step is most beneficial at the moment right before you're about to be in the spotlight. Close your eyes. Think of the last time that you were proud of yourself in a situation. Remember how you felt, what you said, and why you did it.

Remember how successful you were and how capable you are of creating such success. Imagine all the details of that last moment of success and take the confidence it brings you into your next glorious moment.

Recreate Your Environment

man walking in forest

Jan Huber / Unplash

Do you know why some people who spend their days in offices aren't happy no matter how much money they make? It's because of their environment, constantly being in front of a screen and between four walls. Some research shows that taking even just two minutes to walk in greenery can completely change your mood. Remember that happiness is confidence so you want to be stimulating your brain and its perception of the world in every way that you can.

Whenever you're running low on confidence go and connect with nature, or experience a new place, or just change your environment to somewhere that makes you feel good and watch how it changes your mood. This then will reflect in how you present yourself to others.

Reframe Your Breath

woman resting hand on her chest with her eyes closed

Darius Bashar / Unsplash

​When you're anxious and experiencing low self-esteem, your breathing physically changes. You start breathing heavily, and faster. The more shallow your breathing becomes, the worst you feel.

Instead, try breathing deeply with intention. Stand up and breathe in for five seconds, completely filling your diaphragm, and then breath out for another five seconds. As you take control of your breath, start visualizing a future where you are in control. Tell yourself "I breath in peace and I breath out anxiety" If you do this for a couple of minutes, you should feel relaxed and in control afterward.

Stop Chasing Someone Else's Ideal

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