If Someone Makes You Happy, Make Them Happier

5 Things Happy People Do Before Going To Bed

1. They spend time with their families.

Before settling in for the night, they spend a little bit of time bonding with their families. A little pillow talk with your partner, a bedtime story for the kids, or heck, a beer with your room mate is a great way for a happy person to end the day.

2. They plan out the next day.

As best they can at least. They leave clothes out for themselves and figure out what time they need to be up. They get ready for the next day to the best of their abilities.

3. They journal.

Happy people often choose to write down their thoughts right before going to bed. The thoughts we have before we go to sleep are often our most honest and we often forget these thoughts by the following morning.

4. They read a little.

Scientific studies have proven that reading before bed can have serious benefits for your health. It doesn't matter if your book of choice is fact or fiction, just as long as it fully consumes your attention.

When the mind is fully engaged in a world constructed by words, stress vanishes and the body relaxes.

5. They think about good things.

Happy people think happy thoughts before going to bed. They don't fall asleep with negative things running through their minds.

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