Man Pretended To Be Dead For 321 Days To Score Acting Role On CSI

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They say that with the right amount of dedication and hard work, anything is possible. However, are there extremes that we should draw the line on? One man had a dream to be an “unalive” actor on CSI. The popular show likely recruited professionals through an agency and wouldn’t take a chance on a amateur like him.

So, the man decided to take matters into his own hands and show the network just how valuable of an addition he would be. He decided that he would play dead for as many days as it would take for him to be cast. The man was on day 321 of pretending to be dead…

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No Acting Experience

In an interview with Courier Journal, a man shared his dream of becoming an actor on CSI in the role of a dead body. However, he knew that odds were stacked against him, especially because he had no experience in acting. however, he decided that this wouldn’t hold him back and that he could learn how to play dead on camera.

man plays dead by tree with eyes open
@living_dead_josh / Tiktok
@living_dead_josh / Tiktok

To get to a professional level, he had the practice…. a lot…for 321 days, to be exact. Out of a 356 calendar years, the dedication is impressive. Every day he recorded himself on camera playing dead, getting more and more convincing over time in portraying a corpse.

Practice Makes Perfect

As he practiced and practiced, the man, known as Josh, discovered that the key to a convincing corpse shot was for there to be some movement in the video, so it didn’t just look like a photo. He started so while he was still in the grave, his surroundings were active and mobile.

man plays dead in the woods
@living_dead_josh / Tiktok
@living_dead_josh / Tiktok

Josh has made over 300 videos practicing and he learned that: “I don’t like speaking on camera, but I can lie there and act like I am dead pretty easily. Having done more than 300 of these posts, I have progressed and gotten better. At first, you could see me breathing, or the fake blood looked really bad. I have gotten rid of using the blood and gotten better at holding my breath.”

Josh has grown an eye for detail and has shown that lying completely still is a skill that’s not as easy as it seems!

He Saw That It Worked For Others

The idea to play a role in CSI came to Josh when he learned that a woman who made several posts about hot sauce started to get noticed by retailers who wanted her to promote their products. He figured if she could make a business out of posting a bunch, then why couldn’t he?

man plays dead by orange car
@living_dead_josh / Tiktok
@living_dead_josh / Tiktok

He thought about what deal he would benefit from and thought that he could pull off playing a dead body.

But Did It Work?

The funny thing is that Josh’s plan eventually worked! After 321 days of playing dead, he caught CSI’s attention and was cast to play a dead body on CSI: Vegas.

man playing dead on Tiktok
@living_dead_josh / Tiktok
@living_dead_josh / Tiktok

With his hard work and dedication, Josh made his dream come true, showing that you can never dream too big. The show’s runners got in touch with him and offered him the chance to play a dead body in an episode. He went on set and spent five hours on a gurney, but his biggest worry was sweating all the prosthetics off.

Hiccups Along The Way

Josh encountered some struggles along his 350 video posts. There was a time for example when he accidentally blew one take because he left his phone left on, and a telemarketer decided to phone him at exactly the worst time possible.

man plays dead on wooden surfaces
@living_dead_josh / Tiktok
@living_dead_josh / Tiktok

Josh also still had to make ends meet while pursing his newfound dream. He had to balance his time between his passion while still working his day job of managing a restaurant. He doesn’t have plans to quit any time soon despite the increasing number of producers that are now contacting him to offer him a role as a dead body. This is just the beginning of his acting journey.

On The Road To Stardom

Josh took a risk. Knowing how mean people can be on the internet, he made himself vulnerable to scrutiny by making such public attempts at pursuing his dream till it paid off. It took endless hours of practice and probably a lot of storage space on his phone.


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However, earning that role finally opened doors of opportunity for him. He has somewhat made his way to stardom in the “playing a corpse” community. We never know where we might see his dead body next!

Hard Work Or Unrealistic Expectations?

Parents often teach their kids that hard work and dedication are necessary to make a dream come true. As it turns out, it’s not as simple as that anymore. To say that’s all it takes is unrealistic. Success now means being different and thinking outside of the box. It’s leading by example and acting as if you’ve already reached your goal. Assuming it gives you the confidence to be ready to receive it.

Nalley on the set of

A trained actor may have had equal hard work and dedication, but what Josh did was beyond that. it was creative and vulnerable. He assumed the role, embodied it, and eventually became it without formal training or experience. This shows the power of having a vision and staying true to it.

Dream Big And Manifest it

The power manifesting is not only in trusting the universe that we can achieve anything but in believing in our own potential. Visualizing exactly what we want keeps us focused on the prize and sheds light on the road to achieving it. It helps us set goals and stay motivated while we complete them. This aligns us with our purpose and allows the universe to do its things and get us the rest of the way.

Nalley, who spent five hours on a gurney for the episode, said he was worried he'd sweat all the prosthetics off.

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