8 times a man will deeply regret losing a good woman

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When a man lets a good woman go, he may not see his mistake right away. When he realizes that real love doesn’t come around every day, he will really regret what he had. Here are 8 ways that will happen.

1. When he sees that no one loves him like you did

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Pexels / Inzmam Khan
Pexels / Inzmam Khan

You loved him and cared about him because he was important to you, and you only ever asked for his love in return. When he loses you, he will discover that such a love is rare.

2. When he notices the selfishness in the world

You loved him with no strings attached. You showed him compassion because you truly care.

Eventually, he will see that most people have a hidden agenda that motivates their relationships, and he will see how genuine and loving you really are.

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3. When he meets someone who values money over love

Financial support, material possessions… these are not the things you care about in a relationship.

Someday, he will meet a woman who doesn’t share your priorities. When that happens, he will start to respect that you were with him because you loved him, not because you needed something from him.

4. When he has no one he can really talk to

Men love spending time with their buddies, but guys don’t usually open up about their feelings with each other. When he’s going through something and needs to talk, he will miss your empathetic presence and open heart.

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5. When he realizes that a real connection is rare

All people need to feel seen and understood, even the most macho of men.

Someday your man will realize that even though he has great times with his friends, he never seems to build deeper connections with them. Then he will miss your intimate understanding of his heart.

6. When a good time isn’t enough any more

If he’s the kind of man that cancelled a romantic evening to go out with his buddies, he’ll find out that he sold himself short.

The party stage doesn’t last forever, and when he finally grows out of it, he will learn that it can’t stand up to spending time with someone who really loves you.

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7. When he sees how patient you were

There is a stage in life when men start to really examine their weaknesses. When your man gets there, he will see how you could overlook his flaws and see the goodness in him.

He will know that you tried to make him the best he could be, and he will regret that he wasn’t able to step up.

8. When he realizes that friends aren’t enough

Friends are wonderful, but the love of a loyal woman is even better. She helps a man reach those deep places in his heart and shows him what real devotion is.

As supportive as his friends may be, eventually he will come to realize what the two of you could have been together.

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