Man Shared Video Of Haunted Hotel Room Online With Proof of Ghostly Encounter

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Now that we all have our own cellphones fully equipped with high-quality video cameras, it seems like more and more people are coming forward with what seems like evidence of the paranormal. These are everyday people going on about their lives when they notice something strange and while trying to record it to make sense of it and show others, end up capturing the presence of a spirit.

That’s what happened to Frank Ramirez when he couldn’t explain how the phone in his room kept coming off the hook by itself over and over again. He decided to try to talk to the suspected spirit and then things got really weird…Some say the video a hoax, others are defending paranormal claims. Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Third Time Was The Charm

Ramirez profile picture posing in vest beside front door

Potus Frank Ramirez / Facebook

Potus Frank Ramirez / Facebook

Meet Frank Ramirez, an average guy who was staying in a mediocre hotel just to get some rest before going to work. Frank actually stays at the Country Side Inn quite often because he has to travel nearby for work. Usually, his stay goes smoothly but this time something strange kept happening in the room that he was in.

On this particular occasion, Ramirez was assigned room 38. There was something eerie about room 38. The phone kept coming off the hook. After the third time the phone was yanked off the hook, he decided to start recording. “It’s never happened to me before in the hotel — never experienced anything like that,” he says.