Man Who Died And Was Resuscitated Reveals There Is No “White Light” At The End

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One’s approach to death can be influenced by a number of things. Their culture, their upbringing, their own fears, and the attitudes of those around them towards it can all come together to form a unique outlook on death.

Some more influential material that can really shape someone’s thoughts about dying are stories directly from those who’ve been declared legally dead for any period of time. Those who have faced death have the most accurate records about it—like one U.K. man whose story could be rather comforting for those who fear their inevitable death.

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The Other Side

The question of what happens when we die has been asked for centuries, millennia even, and will continue to be asked for millennia more. Plenty of accounts from those who’ve had near-death experiences seem to differ greatly, save for one point that keeps popping up.

A shadow of a hand reaching out toward a white light.
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When you die, you supposedly move towards a bright, white light in the darkness, like walking toward the opening of a tunnel.

However, one man from Derbyshire in the U.K. recently challenged that common motif, as that’s not what he experienced at all. In fact, there’s much more to it.

Immediate Concern

Kevin Hill is a 55-year-old man who has gone through quite the journey with his health over the past few years, one that culminated in the most shocking way one could imagine.

Hills in his hospital bed.

It all began in 2021 when his legs began swelling disproportionately, retaining a large excess of water. He tried to speak to a number of doctors about his issue, but none took him seriously, not until he got a specialist appointment at a coronary unit.

Within hours of that appointment, he was sent to the hospital, where he would remain for the next year.

Shocking Developments

“They gave me medicine to get rid of the water retention. After it all went, they told me I had lost 65kg (143lbs) of water weight.”

A pill bottle spilling pills onto a blue backdrop.
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It wasn’t until he had to undergo a heart operation related to his mysterious condition that he then contracted a rare condition called calciphylaxis, an incredibly serious illness that can cause a number of issues, even leading to death if managed improperly.

For Hill, this manifested in blistering that caused dead skin to start eating his still-alive skin. As you can imagine, this caused him a great amount of pain.

A Brief Darkness

It also caused a great amount of bleeding, so much so that he lost five pints of blood in a very short period of time.

Doctors and nurses rushing down a hallway.
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He was still in the hospital at this point, so he had doctors on him immediately, but before they could fully stop the bleeding, his heart stopped beating.

Hill was certifiably dead for a few minutes, but doctors were able to resuscitate him before it was too late. His situation was so precarious that he was dubbed the ‘miracle man’ as it had been so unlikely he’d survive.

Surprising Peace

That all sound extremely frightening, right? Being eaten alive by your own skin to the point that you bleed out? The means by which he got to this state were undoubtedly horrific, but Hill recounted the actual experience of dying as a peaceful one.

Hills in his hospital bed.

He explained that he knew full well he had died, but it wasn’t distressing. “I wasn’t looking down at my body, but I was separate from my body. It was like I was in the spirit realm – I was conscious of what was going on but I had so much peace,” he explained.

Fully Aware

“I knew I was bleeding. I knew it was serious. The staff kept coming in and out to stop the bleeding.”

A vacant hospital bed and all the equipment next to it.
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He then described standing beside his unconscious body, watching the medical staff do their best to save his life.

“I knew I had died. I was separate from my body. Then I just went to sleep and I woke up, alive, and the bleeding had stopped. I knew it wasn’t my time to die.”

It really was nothing short of a miracle, but it was also a very life-altering experience for Hill, who said this moment changed who he was as a person.

A Changed Man

“The situation has made me refocus my priorities,” he said. “When I came out of the hospital, my family atmosphere changed dramatically. I have become more resilient. I know I can bounce back.”

Hills laying in his hospital bed next to his wife.

After this incident, Hill has indeed made an almost full recovery and is back at home with his wife, Camille.

“I am in the final stages of recovery. In my right leg, I still have some pain but it is not near the level it used to be – I would cry for hours. My pain level used to be 100 out of 10 and now it had dropped to a four.”

Not So Scary

“Everyone said I should be dead.”

A man walking down a road, facing the sun.
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Hill’s story is beyond astounding, to not only have faced so much medical fright in just a year’s time but also to stare death right in the face with such calm. No wonder he walked away a changed man after that; who wouldn’t?

Thankfully, he’s using his unique experience as a motivator, a reminder that he’s gone through just about the worst a person can and still come back from it.

His story also grants many people wondering about death a lot of peace. If it really is such a serene experience, maybe it’s not worth fearing as much as we tend to as the years go by.

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