8 Simple Comebacks For Handling A Manipulator

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While we like to think everyone is out there, handling their own business and trying to help others when they can, this isn’t the case.

Some people make their happiness by leaching on others, putting them down or just twisting different responses out of them. You probably know at least one.

Dealing with these kinds of people can be difficult. When push comes to shove, below are some ways to ensure that you protect what is yours. Be sure to keep a calm attitude, people are more pliable when they are intensely emotional. Stand by what you say and don’t try to escalate the situation.

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‘This Behavior Is Not Acceptable.’

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Pexels / Monstera
Pexels / Monstera

Let them know that you aren’t going to tolerate them acting out against you.

Give specifics to what behavior you won’t tolerate and why. Let them know how you perceive these actions and how they affected you.