Many Prisoners Claimed To See Ghosts In Alcatraz Prison, But This Inmate’s Haunting Proof Is Undeniable

When we die, our physical bodies get buried in the ground or burnt into ashes for our loved ones to keep. But the mysterious question remains hidden in the universe: where do our souls go?

The legend of the spirits stuck in America’s most haunted location cause us to believe that the souls of human beings sometimes get stuck exactly where they died. Welcome to Alcatraz Island:

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The Haunting Of Alcatraz Island Prison

Alcatraz prison, located on an island in San Francisco Bay, is one of the most haunted spots in the United States. It began as a military prison but transformed into a federal prison that held some well know celebrities: Al Capone and Machine-Gun Kelly.

Alcatraz Island Prison far in the distance.
Aldric Rivat / Unsplash
Aldric Rivat / Unsplash

Some believe this to be a jail that wasn’t meant to improve criminals’ behaviour but instead, torture them. Its isolation from the city made it impossible for prisoners to escape, which explains why it’s still home to so many souls that died there …