Many Prisoners Claimed To See Ghosts In Alcatraz Prison, But This Inmate’s Haunting Proof Is Undeniable

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When we die, our physical bodies get buried in the ground or burnt into ashes for our loved ones to keep. But the mysterious question remains hidden in the universe: where do our souls go?

The legend of the spirits stuck in America’s most haunted location cause us to believe that the souls of human beings sometimes get stuck exactly where they died. Welcome to Alcatraz Island:

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The Haunting Of Alcatraz Island Prison

Alcatraz prison, located on an island in San Francisco Bay, is one of the most haunted spots in the United States. It began as a military prison but transformed into a federal prison that held some well know celebrities: Al Capone and Machine-Gun Kelly.

Alcatraz Island Prison far in the distance.
Aldric Rivat / Unsplash
Aldric Rivat / Unsplash

Some believe this to be a jail that wasn’t meant to improve criminals’ behaviour but instead, torture them. Its isolation from the city made it impossible for prisoners to escape, which explains why it’s still home to so many souls that died there …

The Rumour Of The D-Block Cells

If you were to visit Alcatraz Island today, you would feel a sense of eeriness all throughout. But, there’s one specific spot where ghost hunters have encountered the souls of dead criminals.

A shadow figure on the wall of a jail cell.
Ye Jinghan / Unsplash
Ye Jinghan / Unsplash

The D-Block cells have a cold sting to them. It’s reported that you can smell the presence of demonic energy in the air. Many have claimed to hear moans and cries when near this area, especially in one isolated cell. Here’s what remains lurking in the dark:

It Happened One Night

On a dark and stormy night in the early 1940s, an unnamed inmate was locked away in cell 14D for breaking prison rules. After putting up a fight with the correctional officers, he was isolated in the pitch-black, cold room rumored to be inhabited by evil spirits.

The moon shining through tree branches on a dark night.
Victor Serban / Unsplash
Victor Serban / Unsplash

The prisoner pleaded and cried to be released from the haunted cell. But, even when he was screaming for his life and exclaiming that a creature with glowing eyes was trying to kill him, no one came to his rescue. This neglect would change the course of his fate and the fate of the Island forever.

Strange Death

What happened in that cell, no one to this day truly knows. The next morning, when it was time for the inmate to return to the main group of prisoners, he was found silent and motionless, lying on the floor.

Hands coming out of the ground on a dark and stormy night.
Daniel Jensen / Unsplash
Daniel Jensen / Unsplash

The prisoner, locked alone in the cell with nothing and no one to tamper with, had been called to his death. It seems that Alcatraz Island was so isolated from the rest of the universe that not even his guardian angels could protect him from its demons.

The Killer Was No Human

The question circulated throughout Alcatraz, the United States, and the universe: how could this man have died when no one was in sight to have reached him? When his autopsy reports were revealed, the hair on the back of the inmates and guards stood up.

A ghostly figure in a dark jail cell.
Khashayar Kouchpeydeh / Unsplash
Khashayar Kouchpeydeh / Unsplash

The deceased man’s body showed no signs of self-inflicted violence, but there were dark handprints on his neck and a shocked and horrified facial expression staining his face. There was only one explanation for this death: the killer was no human after all.

Seeking Revenge

Following the prisoner’s death in cell 14D, a rumour spread around Alcatraz that one of the guards had killed him after hearing him scream and shout all through the night. However, they would later be faced with a much more horrifying reality.

A person leaning their hands against a fogged-out window.
Stefano Pollio / Unsplash
Stefano Pollio / Unsplash

When the prisoners lined up to be counted in the morning, a ghostly figure of the prisoner that had just died appeared as if he were truly there, and then poof: he vanished in thin air. That would not be the last sighting of this terrorized man, and it’s believed that he still lingers on the premises seeking revenge. Would you dare to look for him?

Signs Of The Supernatural

The strangled man is not the only ghost that visitors to Alcatraz have encountered. In cells A, B, and C, psychics have felt the presence of a man nicknamed Butcher. They later confirmed that this man had been assassinated in the prison.

A tombstone at an old graveyard.
DDP / Unsplash
DDP / Unsplash

Many visitors report having heard banjos playing when you enter the showers. This sound circles back to the famous inmate Al Capone, who was scared he would be punished for making noise so instead, played music in the shower.


Often referred to as “Hellcatraz,” there is no doubt in our mind that this island remains a graveyard for the people who have lived and died there. The overwhelming tales and sightings of the supernatural are proof that our souls cannot escape from earth into the universe when we have unfinished business. Need more proof? Visit Alcatraz yourself!

Alcatraz Island on a dark, gloomy night.
David Trinks / Unsplash
David Trinks / Unsplash

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