March 18th Marks Full Worm Moon In Virgo, Be Prepared For The Release Of Intense Energy

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The last full moon of winter appears this week, just two days before the first day of spring. Mother nature is not changing alone, but bringing our energy along for the ride. As we move from the reign of Aquarius towards Virgo, we enter a stage of re-invention and healing to blossom along with the flowers and come back into our potential.

Here’s what to expect during this energy shit. Are you ready?

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Moving Away From Intense Energy To Quieter Wisdom

woman holding lighstrings by sunset sky

Matheus Bertelli / Pexels

Matheus Bertelli / Pexels

​This week, a Full Moon in Virgo shines on March 18th bringing with it a feeling of wholeness and safety, and allowing us to tap into the quieter wisdom so connected to this sign. This moon is incredibly grounding, helping us to get in touch with ourselves, both on a physical and spiritual level.

As we have finished working with last month’s intensely Aquarian energy, which is very intellectual and word-based, now it is time for you to connect with the Virgo Moon’s energy of the Goddess during Pisces season.

A Balance Between Faith And Indentity

hand reaching out to pink sky

Samir Jammal / Pexels

Samir Jammal / Pexels

This energy is tied to the rhythms of the land and connects our spiritual and physical identity. It is sensitive and healing, but also connected to our sense of faith and intuition. You may find yourself reflecting more this week, or re-engaging with your spiritual, religious, or faith-based dimensions which make up an important aspect of who you are.

There is a slow, deliberateness to this lunation. As if it knows that its potent energy will do the work of healing and introspection whether or not you are ready to accept it.

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Fertility Brings Creativity

close up of man's face with blue eyes covered in paint

Sharon McCutcheon / Pexels

Sharon McCutcheon / Pexels

This moon is also very fertile, indicating that your creativity will be enhanced during this time. It is critical that you take this opportunity to explore any creative impulses that bubble to the service.

Feel this creativity flow through your body, connect with it and in nature. Spending time outside, especially in the forest will be extra potent for you.

Thoughts Over Words

woman stands in forest under sunlight with her eyes closed

Alan Retratos / Unsplash

Alan Retratos / Unsplash

As we move into Pisces season this Full Moon is opposing a Pisces Sun creating a Pisces-Virgo axis that is one of the most energetically powerful axes you can work with.

This moon really wants you to look deep within, to find that quieter wisdom. One connected to thought rather than word. It is a deeper knowing, one that challenges us in ways we don’t realize until we have experienced it.

Healing Is Growth

woman with sparkles around her nose closes her eyes and rests a plant leaf on her face

Mari Monpari / Pexels

Mari Monpari / Pexels

Understand where you are now, what experiences in the last year have defined you and spurred growth, and allow yourself to heal from that as you look to the future.

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