March 2nd New Moon In Pisces Brings Healing Energy, What Toxic Energy Are You Releasing?

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This week, a calming New Moon in Pisces rises on March 2nd bringing with it a purifying and renewing energy. One that is very clear and very wise.

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Focusing On Intuition

woman looks down by tree in prayer

Ben White / Unsplash

Ben White / Unsplash

That urges you to listen to your inner guides and intuition and reconnect with your emotions. This is a moon that is associated with washing away negativity and the idea of letting go of analytical thinking or control, and coming back to your soul. There is a profound simplicity with this New Moon.

It is asking that you work with the subtle energies of Pisces to enter a state of receptivity so that you can access higher information and guidance.

Washing Away Toxic Energy

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Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona / Unsplash

Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona / Unsplash

With the Sun also in Pisces this greatly enhances the dream-like, healing energies associated with the sign. This is a lunation that is about washing away dark or toxic energy, release from the heaviness of emotional baggage.

It is also associated with spiritual ascension. You might find yourself yearning for points of silence throughout the day, or feeling a desire to meditate and sit with your own thoughts so that you can connect with your inner voice.

Releasing The Need For Control

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Oscar Keys / Unsplash

Oscar Keys / Unsplash

​One of the most important lessons this moon aims to impart is the idea that there is a time and place for “control” in your life, and a time of “release.” Unlike the last few months of Capricorn and Aquarian energy being all about self-discipline and goal setting, this moon is not about being realistic or analytical.

You must not try to control what you want your life to look like, but instead reflect on things from a place of calm assurance.

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A Dream Like Delusion

Javardh / Unsplash

hand holding jar full of sparkles in purple sky

hand holding jar full of sparkles in purple sky

This lunation is saying that you just went through a huge learning cycle, and now you need to take some time to connect with your soul, trust yourself, and get back in touch with your emotions

The shadow side of Pisces energy is always this idea that its dreamy qualities can lead to self delusion or fantasizing about things that are not good for us. Going further, it is related to not being able to see the truth of things when everything is viewed in rose colored dreamlike glasses. Yet, at its core these energies are beautiful and valuable.

Creating Space For The Subconscious

woman peeps over red fan in pink background

Elmar Gubisch / CanvaPro

Elmar Gubisch / CanvaPro

While there is always a risk one can slip too far down the rabbit hole, Piscean energy and its profound connection with dreams and creativity is integral to how you communicate with your soul. With this New Moon, create space for yourself to explore your subconscious, and listen in to that little voice that guides you in the right direction.

Rather than thinking about to-do lists, analyzing and what’s practical, embrace the inherently wise and free energies of this special New Moon.

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