6 Things You’ll Learn If You Don’t Rush Into Marriage

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Here are the six things you’ll learn while everyone else is busy getting married:

Your “type” will change as you do

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Unsplash / Candice Picard
Unsplash / Candice Picard

People always say your twenties are your years for experimenting and figuring out just what it is you want in a partner. As we get older, our values in a partner start to realign more with our own values and goals in life.

A crazy, passionate and intense relationship might be ideal when you’re young, but as you get older you might want someone who is more stable, honest and supportive of your ambitions in life.

You have more time to figure out the career path right for you

Those who aren’t keen on jumping into marriage in their twenties learn to derive validation from places other than their relationships and partners.

A big part of this is building a career that motivates you to always be learning and growing. You’ll be happier for it and won’t rely so much on a relationship for your happiness or well-being.

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You create strong bonds with friends

When you’re not in a relationship, you have a lot of time to strengthen your bond with friends. These are the people you want to be there for you when things start going wrong in life.

They’re your support system. If you pick good ones, you’ll never be lacking someone to lean on when you need a pillar of support.

You learn not to settle

Being single is only terrible when you view it as such. The grass will always be greener on the other side, which often leads us to seek out things we don’t really want or need.

Just like relationships. Sometimes we get into them out of boredom or because there’s nothing else going on in our lives, but love is not something you can play around with, because people get hurt.

Don’t be afraid to end a relationship because you or your partner aren’t 100% invested in it.

Having a child does not provide answers

So many people end up far down a path in life they never expected to take, and see having a child as an answer to their problems. Kids are not some sort of insurance that your relationship with a person will last forever.

In fact, they’re the opposite. A child will only test the true strength of a partnership, and can destroy one if you’re not prepared.

Marriage isn’t the answer, either

Just as having a kid won’t solve all of your problems, getting married isn’t going to do it either. If you haven’t figured out how to be a happy, self-validating person before getting married, marriage is not where you’re going to find it.

The idea is to figure out who you are and fall in love with that person before you ever fall in love with someone else.

Marriage will not fill whatever void is in your heart. The only person that can create true happiness for you, is you.

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