Matching Sun To Moon Signs Boosts Love Compatibility (Even Celebrities Know It)

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No matter one’s inclination for romance or desire for a relationship of that kind, we all go through life craving a deep connection with someone. Even the most antisocial and introverted among us can wish for someone with whom they really connect with, and that connection can come from a variety of different relationship types.

Thankfully, using your star chart can help you navigate the vast and expansive world of human connection, pointing you in the right direction while giving you a list of things to look out for as well as things to avoid.

For example, there’s one easy matchup that has a very high rate of creating a quick yet profound bond with someone—and it doesn’t require much astrological knowledge to figure out.

Beyond looking at your natal chart, when considering relationship compatibility, always look at how you feel and ask yourself: does this person make you love yourself more? Do you want to grow old with them?

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The Perfect Match

Searching for zodiac sign compatibility with a potential partner is nothing new. People have been comparing their birth chart to that of their crush for as long as they’ve been around, analyzing what signs fall under what planet or house, hoping to find some signifier that not only would they work well together, but they’re actually soulmates.

Two colorful star charts with a box of pins set atop them.
Getty Images via Canva / Mikhail Sheleh
Getty Images via Canva / Mikhail Sheleh

Of course, there’s much more to true romantic compatibility than just your zodiac placements, but comparing charts is still a great place to start! Different signs have notably different dynamics together and getting a feel for that before seriously pursuing a relationship is a good way to know what you might be getting yourself into.

A Detailed Analysis

When comparing signs, people often only look at their sun sign. It makes sense seeing as that information is the easiest to know and the most accessible to find, but charts run much deeper than that and can reveal a lot more.

The sun rising over a mountain range with the moon in view to the left.
Getty Images Signature via Canva / gui00878
Getty Images Signature via Canva / gui00878

Even if you look just one layer below the surface of sun signs and examine peoples’ moon signs, you’ll find a wealth of information. While your sun sign encompasses a large part of your personality and is what most people recognize about you (similar to a personal style), your moon sign delves deeper, representing your truest emotions and deepest desires.

As Simple As That

Your moon sign (or that of your wannabe partner) plays a large role when it comes to chart compatibility. After all, you need to be able to gel with a person’s inner self as much as their outer self in order to truly work well together.

A black and white star map.
Getty Images via Canva / Procy_ab
Getty Images via Canva / Procy_ab

There are complex calculations that can determine whether or not two peoples’ charts complement each other, looking at everything from major placements to minute degree measurements. There are also some simple tests that can show immediate positive signs regarding two people and their potential for connection.

For example, your sun sign matching their moon sign, or vice versa.


The way some people describe the relationship between one’s sun and moon sign is the sun being the shining light of your chart. This is also why your sun sign attributes are what people recognize most about you, though sometimes your rising sign can overpower this. Conversely, the moon sign absorbs and reflects this light inwards, translating those bright and impactful traits of your sun sign into something more grounded.

A woman looking at a reflection of herself in a small mirror.
Unsplash / Elisa Photography
Unsplash / Elisa Photography

Since the moon doesn’t shine any light of its own, it often goes unnoticed by those you only have casual relationships with. Those you’re close with will be able to see your moon’s beauty without the light of the sun and appreciate what that sign brings to the table that is your personality.

A Great Start

Having a sun sign that matches someone else’s moon sign means you already understand them on a deeper level than others would. You already share many of the same traits, you just express them differently. That immediate sense of familiarity can lend a lot to a budding relationship.

sun and moon orbit in the sky

For example, if you’re a Taurus sun and they’re a Taurus moon, you both greatly value stability and loyalty. While you may express this outwardly in an open distaste for spontaneity and seeking out tasks you can help your loved ones with, the Taurus moon will feel these things inwardly, maybe by subconsciously avoiding change where possible and being an excellent secret keeper.

The Same, But Different

You both have these same core values and desires but practice them differently. Even so, you as the Taurus sun already understand why the Taurus moon hates change because you do too! Your expression of that is just more immediate and forward while theirs is reserved and calculated.

The setting sun and bright crescent moon in the sky together.
Getty Images Pro via Canva / Rastan
Getty Images Pro via Canva / Rastan

It’s less of a ‘match made in the stars’ fact about chart compatibility and more of a practical approach to major sign interactions, but it’s still helpful nonetheless. Relationships are best developed when you truly understand someone and appreciate the things they consider important, which is easy for these types of pairings.

Big Name Knowledge

This little fact about matching your sun sign to someone else’s moon recently made a mainstream appearance in a rather unexpected place: The Golden Globes red carpet.

Andrew Garfiels smiling as he's being interviewed at The Golden Globes.
TikTok / @goldenglobes
TikTok / @goldenglobes

A clip of comedian Amelia Dimoldenberg interviewing actor Andrew Garfield went viral shortly after the awards, the two having a fun, joking conversation that many thought of as rather flirty. During their talk, they compare signs; Amelia sharing that she’s an Aquarius which matches Andrew’s moon, and Andrew sharing that that’s a good thing when it comes to relationships.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

So much so that he jokes a potential relationship between them could be too intense too fast for his liking, and he’s “not ready for that kinda thing.”


Aquarius host 🤝 Leo nominee | @Chicken Shop Date 💕 and Andrew Garfield continued their red carpet chemistry at last night’s #GoldenGlobes

♬ original sound – Golden Globe Awards

He’s not wrong! Though a matching sun-moon pair can foster a beautiful, deep connection, having an immediate understanding of how another person ticks can lead to some very rapidly growing feelings on either side. You get each other right away, so this bond you share can feel like it was simply meant to be, like you were destined to meet.

And hey, maybe you were! But even if that’s the case, rushing into things still isn’t advised.

Always Remain Cautious

No matter what signs match up, no matter how compatible your charts are, you’re still better off approaching any new potential relationship with caution. It’s good to be enthusiastic and hopeful, but not so much so that you ignore any red flags or don’t allow yourselves the time to really get to know the other person.

A woman dressed in white holding onto a red string.
Pexels / cottonbro studio
Pexels / cottonbro studio

While it’s true that you two might understand each other on a deeper level right off the bat thanks to this sign dynamic, there’s a lot you need to learn about someone before you can say you’re ready to commit to them.

A Magical Feeling

Warnings and disclaimers aside, the quick bond felt with someone who shares your sun sign as their moon or your moon as their sun is not to be brushed aside. This matchup really does lead to a greater sense of understanding between two people, regardless of their relationship.

A sun and moon face design carved out of stone.
Getty Images Signature via Canva / spanglish
Getty Images Signature via Canva / spanglish

Romantic, platonic, even familial connections will feel more empathetic, connected via the celestial bodies that rule our nights and days.

Those carrying the moon sign will feel like someone truly understands them, while those carrying the sun sign will feel totally comfortable in the other’s presence. Be grateful for these connections if you have them in your life, they’re a rare find that ought to be treasured.

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