If You Learn These 9 Simple Tricks, You'll Never Be Bad At Math Again

The United States keeps lagging further and further behind in math skill, and that's no surprise.

Math and science are becoming more and more important as technology continues to lead the way in our society.

Even if math isn't your strong suit, we've compiled nine easy tricks you can use when you encounter some unexpected math and don't have a calculator nearby!

Heck, even I have trouble making change sometimes. But here are some simple tricks to help you do complex math more easily.

1. Multiplying large numbers in your head.

2. Adding and subtracting fractions.

3. Multiplying by 11.

4. Figuring out percentages.

5. Finding fractions of whole numbers.

6. Converting Fahrenheit to Celcius.

7. How to figure out multiples of 9.

8. Multiples of 9 in reverse order.

9. And a quick learning tip:

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