These Are The 4 Key Differences Between A Mature Relationship And An Immature Relationship

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The maturity of relationships is a hard definition to explain. Mature relationships are the ones that last. A relationship can be ‘mature’ from day one, maturity in this sense refers to the capacity for strength, growth and other formations required for a sustainable relationship. Mature relationships can sour and become immature ones.

Below we look at what separates a mature relationships from the immature. It’s subtle differences, you don’t ‘fall in love’ or ‘out of love’ in mature relationships. It’s a far more stable experience that you work to keep on track, but carries its own momentum.

Immature Relationships strive To Unite The Two Into One Solid Person; Mature Relationships Are About The Teamwork Of Two People

There is less dependence in a mature relationship, more teamwork. People in immature relationships are striving to ‘complete’ the other person, one individual actively compensating for the other’s short comings.

There is a constant comparisons happening between the immature couple. they are trying to line up each other’s flaws with a corresponding strength.

This spends a lot of time and energy. Mature relationships are trying to make two individuals better. Any comparisons serve as a goal and learning template.

Immature Relationships Lose Their Passion; Mature Relationships Create Passion

Immature relationships are built on the initial passionate spark. The relationship is powered and motivated by the initial spark. Mature relationships use that initial emotional boost to set new goals and discover new aspects of each other to revel in.

Immature relationships foster a smothering form of love, It blinds the people in it. People in a immature relationships don’t feel the need to grow or explore their partner or connection. They are content with what they know. That amount of emotional content often isn’t enough for a long term relationship.

Mature relationships foster a form of love that inspires growth. The initial pleasure motivates both people to explore and grow together.

Immature Relationships Fight Over Text Messages; Mature Relationships Prefer Face To Face Contact

Any disagreement or misunderstanding is important. People in mature relationships want to continue to talk about the occurrence face to face. There is more truth and relatable expressions in actual human contact opposed to text messages.

You can’t fully express serious or deep emotions through emoji’s or simple written messages. People in immature relationships take their long text conversations as proof of the legitimacy of their relationship. They hide behind their screens. These kind of arguments aren’t usually over anything of significance.

Immature Relationships Are Dictated By Preconceived Timelines; Mature Relationships Let Things Happen Naturally

When to move into together, when to get married, which anniversaries and big deals, these are all specific to each relationship. The mature couple takes life, the celebrations and the responsibilities happen when is good for them.

Immature relationships go by external rules and guidelines, not paying attention to their needs and desires.

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