10 Things Mature People Don't Do

1. Let fear control them.

Simply put: mature people don't let fear determine for them what they do and don't do. They don't allow fear to stand in between them and what they want. They realize success is up to them, and fear is no excuse.

2. Doing things to please others.

Mature people understand that making the people around them happy is a good thing to do, but they also realize that some of that happiness has to come from within for them. They take actions to put smiles on the faces of people around them, but they won't put themselves out.

3. They don't idealize romance.

Love comes in so many different shapes and sizes and mature people totally get that. They may have fantasized about a bohemian fling with an artist or marrying rich, but not anymore. They realize that there are a lot of different kinds of people out there to love.

4. They trust their partners.

Mature people expect that their thoughts, ideas, and actions will be respected and they give that same respect to their partners. They don't always question their partners' decisive actions. If anything they offer a more supportive role.

5. They don't hold grudges.

Holding a grudge is like drinking a poison and expecting the other person to get sick. Mature people realize that a burned bridge isn't any use to anyone. They like to keep a door open, just in case.

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