6 Signs Of Emotional Maturity

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Maturity isn’t something that’s associated with age. I’ve met some immature 80-year-olds in my life. Maturity is part of the development of self that may come naturally with age, but not exclusively.

These are 6 signs of maturity that are often embodied in the most mature of people.

1. They have much greater patience.

A person's wrist displaying a watch.

This is a quality I see in the most mature people. Have you ever met someone who gets impatient when their phone doesn’t immediately perform a certain action?

Or when the line at the bank is too damn slow? Or have you been that person yourself? I know I have.

Part of maturing as a person is realizing that no matter how impatient you are, the line at the bank isn’t going to move any faster. Your smart phone isn’t going to perform its functions any quicker.

Life moves at the same pace, whether or not you’re being impatient about it.

Mature people have learned to take these moments of waiting to take stock of their lives and where they are. It’s kind of nice to slow down for a second now and then anyway.