4 Obvious Signs You’re Maturing, Not Just Aging

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Maturing has really changed my perspectives and priorities. I used to be a social butterfly, so anxious to be accepted and rushing through life to try to pack in as much as I could everyday. Through trial and error, I slowed down and started to appreciate life more.

I spend my time more wisely now, not giving everyone the time of day they believe they are entitled to. I realized that many of my friendships were working mainly due to my one sided effort or because I was providing some good or service.

As I cut people from my life, I had more time for what really matters: family, my boyfriend, and my true friends. Getting older is a true blessing, as long as you are willing to learn from your experiences and work towards a better tomorrow and you.

You Aren’t As Likely To Put Others Before Yourself

When we care for someone it’s easy to want to do everything we can for them. This is sweet, but not always healthy.