Discover Your Mayan Birth Sign And Its Meaning

The Mayan people were among the most sophisticated and aware peoples of the ancient world. They fostered a deep connection to nature, the stars, and themselves. They created a system similar to our astrology. It is called the Mayan Cosmovision.

This system was a way to understand the connection between all things and incorporates the sacred Mayan calendar with its system of thirteen tones and twenty Nahuals/day signs.

Every day has a number and a sign attributed to it. There is a total of 260 number and sign combinations possible. The easiest way to check your personal number and day sign is to use this calculator. Your birth sign will be broken into two parts: the tone (a number ranging from one to thirteen) and one Nahual out of the possible twenty.

Taking the two symbols and researching how they interact, you can tell what kind of day it was. Or the strengths, weaknesses and traits of a person born on that day. We'll break down the common interpretations of the tones first.

The 13 Tones And Their Meanings

  1. Unity, assertive, beginnings, passion, complete or solo
  2. Duality, mystery, charisma, balance
  3. Artistic, action, movement, effort, power, will, rhythm
  4. Structure, foundation, stability, direction, love, heart
  5. Gathering, centers, intelligence, networks, investigation
  6. Improves, responsive, mind, flow, intuition, dynamic developments
  7. Maintains, reflective, ethics, goals, practice
  8. Balance, justice, fairness, aura, organization, healing
  9. Completion, perseverance, patience, completing the circle
  10. Manifest, responsibility, collaboration, creation
  11. Facilities change, resolution, signs, change, refinement, improvement
  12. Retrospection, understanding, wisdom, interdependence
  13. Authority, intensity, ascension, trying again, experimenting, finishing the circle
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