Discover Your Mayan Birth Sign And Its Meaning

The 20 Nahuals Or Birth Signs

Each sign corresponds to a cardinal direction. Under each cardinal direction is a grouping of similar signs. You work well with others in your direction.

East: Crocodile, Snake, Water, Corn, Earth

Days with the signs of the East are focused on creativity, experimentation and progress.

Crocodile people are intuitive, emotional, artistic and can be visionaries.

Snake people are powerful, intense and magnetic.

Water people are warm, sincere, sensitive dreamers.

Corn people are calm, creative, practical and good with money.

Earth people are talented, analytical, and can be visionaries.

North: Wind, Death, Dog, Jaguar, Knife

Days with a sign of the North are indicative of mental pressure, and the need to protect ourselves from negativity and tragedy.

Wind people are imaginative, romantic nature lovers.

Death people are peaceful, patient and intuitive.

Dog people are friendly, brave, loyal and attractive.

Jaguar people are courageous, curious and intelligent.

Knife people are active, sharp, and deeply challenged yet able to heal.

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