9 Practical Meditation Tips

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My meditative practice is with out the most loving and compassionate thing I have ever done for myself. Through my practice I stopped using dangerous and harmful drugs, I stopped being depressed and not genuine.

The benefits I experience to this day are more than I can list here. Science has caught on the the power of meditation and started to dissect the method to understand it better.

Meditation can be hard to get started. There can be the overwhelming fear of ‘am I doing this right?’, and ‘I’m not strong enough to stop my mind or smart enough to make this work’. With all great tasks, you start with small obstacles, gaining experience and confidence. Below are some ways to beat the usual hang ups people experience while trying to practice.

Set A Minimum For Time Seated

Start low and keep it so for about three months. You can always go over the minimum, but keeping the base level low, we can set goals that we stick to. I would recommend two to three minutes at first. After three to four months, feel free to bump it up as small increment, five to seven minutes.