Meet Millie, The World’s Best Mountain Climbing Cat (Photos)

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Craig Armstrong is a lucky guy among outdoor enthusiasts. His close friend and four legged companion goes places the average cat doesn’t have the guts for. Millie is his ultimate feline hiking and mountain-climbing pal.

“She literally loves to climb things… if there’s high-ground she’ll seek it out,” Armstrong said in an interview with Bored Panda. He had nothing but praise for the tenacious little athlete: “Generally she does best on slabby routes where she can scramble from ledge to ledge. She’s an incredible athlete but steep juggy routes just aren’t her thing. When bouldering, though, she’s done some pretty amazing gaps and dynos. I go on a lot of weekend climbing adventures. It never seemed odd to me, just seemed like something I’d do with my pet, take her places.”

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There are complications with hiking and camping with your cat though. “We camp in my truck; She peed in there one night, but she caught a mouse in there one night, too.”