Men Are Opening Up About The Worst Unrealistic Standards Women Hold Them Too

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If you look around you, you’ll notice that everyone is going with the flow while on the verge of a breakdown. We assume our roles every morning while dragging ourselves through chronic burnout. We’re all just trying to catch a break while trying to meet expectations. The reality is the standard set out in society today is unrealistic. We’re expected to do more than we can handle.

While men and women experience standards differently it is affecting them both. The only difference is that the male experience isn’t often publicized in society because discussing it is often seen as a weakness. So, men have taken to Reddit to vent instead and here’s what they had to say.

Everything, All At Once

man typing on laptop with city view

Mert Kahveci / Unsplash

Mert Kahveci / Unsplash

“​Being emotional but at the same time hard as a rock, being a provider and giving her a certain kind of lifestyle without being a complete workaholic, and while reading her mind” – ghost882

Historically, men were assumed to be the provider both financially, emotionally, and basically, women depended on them for survival. Women since have grown to find their own independence so how come the expectations of all the roles that men should fill haven’t adapted? Men struggle to balance the home and the work, and there are days when they can’t do both.