Men Are Quicker To Leave

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Since 1980, the divorce rate has been in a slight decline. The reason for this isn’t necessarily because our marriages are working out more.

Often times, married couples feel shackled to each other, especially during economic downturns. Which brings us to #1.

1. Joint finances cripple us.

This is one part of marriage that I just don’t quite understand. Why do the finances have to be joint?

Financial burdens can destroy marriages, and divorce can be a burden in itself. We should help each other maintain financial stability, but at the end of the day, married couples don’t owe that to each other.

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2. We’re more connected but also less connected.

Your phone can send an IM to your partner from a thousand miles away in an instant, but even though we’re more connected than ever, we’re more disconnected with the world around us.

Our desire to be connected to our devices often trumps our social lives, and our marriages suffer.

3. Our love lives take a hit.

#1 and #2 lead us to #3. These kinds of strains often lead to a downturn in romance. And intimacy is important!

It’s a physical manifestation of love and an absolute must. When romace is gone from the marriage, you know it won’t be able to last.

4. We want attention more than we want to be loved.

Clearly not for everyone, but for many. We start desiring likes more than we do actual love. Everyone wants attention. Everyone wants to be internet famous.

We constantly post pictures of ourselves for strangers. If you’re married, or even if you want to love someone, stop seeking attention from everyone else.

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