Men Share The Things Women Do That Turn Them Off

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Dating is hard as it is, but trying to figure out what is going on in the other person’s mind is psychologically draining. Despite constantly looking down at communication devices, our communication skills are lacking in the modern age. Dating has been reduced to a guessing game of “does he even like me” and feeling the need to play hard to get to not seem too eager or needy. Yet, both women and men crave love equally…it’s human nature. So how can we simplify the process?

Let’s start by asking each other what it is that we want for each other. These 7 men led the way by describing what it is that women do that turns them off.

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Intentional Misdirection

Men just want to know if you like them or not, they don’t want you misleading them with things “like playing games, only hinting towards feelings, never saying anything, etc. Like I don’t think I’ve ever looked at someone and went ‘oh, they can’t communicate at all, god I wanna date them’.” Blujay12 / Reddit

Emre Keshavarz / Pexels
Emre Keshavarz / Pexels

Seeming unavailable doesn’t intrigue them or make them want to fight for you. After all, can you blame them for respecting your feelings if you don’t seem to like them? If you like them, show them. If they think it’s too much then they’re simply not the right person for you!