Discover How Mercury Retrograde Will Affect You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Across the nation, Springs warm presence can be felt in stronger and stronger waves. The change in weather is a more obvious influence on humanity, but not the only one with significance.

From April 28th to May 22nd, the planet Mercury will be retrograde with the Earth under Taurus. While harder to pin down specifically this celestial movement has profound effects on everyone’s summer plans.

While Mercury doesn’t actually move backwards, it’s unique path will make every feel as though they are. Mercury rules and symbolizes communication, so the retrograde will impede an essential part of our society. You may feel that know one is understanding you and you aren’t really understanding anyone else.

Research, business deals, negotiations, teaching, listening, speaking, and even writing, will all suffer in efficiency while Mercury ‘takes it easy’. It won’t spell the end of the world, but you can accurately predict a healthy amount of confusion and difficulty over the next month.

We recommend that you go about your regular business, taking more care than you might normally. You may want to hold off to start a big project. If you find yourself about to finish an undertaking or complete a long task, be sure to make extra sure that you finish as strong as you can. Naturally, each sign is going to react uniquely. Look below for a more specific understanding of what each sign may go through. Take this period easy and try to enjoy some of that sunlight!