How To Prepare Yourself And What To Expect During This Mercury Retrograde (August 30-September 22)

To give an explanation as to why all of these inconveniences start happening is because Mercury is the planet said to have a very powerful influence over your mind, communication skills, as well as the way you express yourself.

There will be a lot of miscommunication between you and your workplace, friends, family, and just about everything else that involves you communicating with others. However, this doesn't mean that there isn't a way to prepare ourselves for this three-week-interruption.

Avoid Negotiating/Agreements

Anything that you would have to write down and then sign with your signature you may have to hold off on that kind of decision making.

The reason being as Mercury sets in retrograde will cause your contracts and any other agreements to be revised or redacted.

The miscommunication that will surely show it's ugly face in the contract of things that you may have missed, didn't cover with the other person, or that it was the wrong thing to agree to in the first place.

Certain details could have gone unnoticed or maybe some kind of hole in the agreement that would lead to an inevitable deal-breaker. If you do decide to make any form of agreement you better know what you're signing before giving your consent.

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