Mercury Retrograde In Capricorn Is Here! What Does It Mean, And How Can You Prepare?

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Mercury entering retrograde is a relatively common event, happening a few times a year and lasting a couple of weeks. A retrograde refers to the way a planet appears to be moving backwards as seen from Earth. Though this is just a trick of the eye and the planet is moving forward as per usual, the symbolism of its backwards drifting is of great importance in astrology.

Mercury retrogrades in particular are infamous for the chaos they can cause—especially when it takes place over holiday seasons—but there are ways you can both prepare for and overcome the troubles this particular retrograde in Capricorn may bring.

2022 Will End With Mercury In Retrograde

The planet will enter an illusionary backward-moving state on December 29, just before the turn of the new year.

The planet Mercury.
Getty Images via Canva / vjanez
Getty Images via Canva / vjanez

Even people who don’t pay much attention to astrology know that Mercury in retrograde can be a rather chaotic period. As Mercury is the planet that rules communication, there are plenty of areas that are disrupted by the planet entering retrograde.

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It Isn’t All Bad

Mercury being in retrograde does have its benefits, specifically due to the fact that this retrograde occurs entirely in Capricorn.

Someone's astrological birth chart on a table next to some candles.
Pexels / Ксения Вохминцева
Pexels / Ксения Вохминцева

Capricorn is a sign that values structure, but it also cherishes goals and dreams. There’s opportunities to be had within the planet’s turning as we enter the new year, so let’s go over what you can do to be best prepared for the season.

What To Watch Out For

As mentioned, Mercury is the planet tied to the aspect of communication, but it can also have effects on travel and technology.

A view from the backseat of a man driving.
Pexels / Tobi
Pexels / Tobi

If you’re returning home after holiday celebrations or going somewhere to celebrate the coming of 2023, be extra cautious during your travel times. Have backup plans should something go awry, make sure you’re driving carefully, and make sure traveling companions are on the same page.

This also extends to any New Year’s Eve parties you might be hosting or attending. This isn’t a call to cancel them, just take extra steps to ensure your safety. Faulty electronics are also a common trouble that plagues people during Mercury retrogrades.

Speak Clearly

As mentioned, Mercury retrograding in Capricorn means a world of trouble regarding communication. If you start experiencing frequent misunderstandings, people flaking on plans, or an inability to express yourself clearly, this retrograde might be why.

A man is sitting in a chair while a woman embraces him from behind while standing and holding a mug.
Pexels / Anastasia Shuraeva
Pexels / Anastasia Shuraeva

The solution here is to simply slow down. Not every message needs to be replied to instantly. If you’re experiencing some frustration, you’re allowed to step back for a bit and reevaluate before formulating a response. You’re not completely at the mercy of the planets’ alignments; you can overcome their influence!

What To Take Advantage Of

These Capricorn-led days leading up to the new year are the perfect time to get planning. Work out those resolutions, and get all your end-of-year and post-Christmas clutter out of the way. By setting clear goals (including the steps you need to take to achieve those goals), you can start the year off on a great foot. Capricorn’s practical energy will also make sticking to those goals a breeze for those first few weeks, a great foundation to be carried throughout the year.

People cheers glasses of champagne as gold confetti drops around them.
Pexels / cottonbro studio
Pexels / cottonbro studio

Now is also a good time to make big 2023 plans. Want to go on a trip? Go back to school? Change careers? Lay out all the facts, the pros & cons, and get to organizing! Don’t spend any money yet, as Mercury in retrograde is not a great time for large purchases, but definitely set those changes you want to make in motion.

What Goes Around Comes Around

Mercury’s retrogrades are also opportune times for good karmic debt to come back and repay you. In the midst of confusion, turmoil, and stress, the universe may recognize that you deserve a gift and provide a pick-me-up to get you through the coming weeks.

On a snowy street, a woman is knelt down petting a stray cat.
Unsplash / Narges Pms
Unsplash / Narges Pms

Of course, to receive this gift, you’ll have to do something kind elsewhere. It has to be genuine too—you can’t perform a favor expecting something in return. The best way to ensure this is to practice kindness as much as you can. Make love for others a habit to reap the many, many benefits.

Signs Most Affected

At the top of the list is, of course, Capricorn. It’ll be an eventful few weeks for you as Mercury moves through your sign, so here’s your official permission to take things slow and not push yourself too hard. Consider it a safety measure, protecting your mental well-being by not forcing yourself to be overly productive.

A digital rendition of the Capricorn constellation in the night sky above clouds.
Canva / ifc2
Canva / ifc2

Enjoy the tail end of the holiday season in comfort and focus on reorganizing your life to start 2023 off right.

Not Just Capricorn

Gemini and Virgo might also be in for a spell as Mercury is their planetary ruler.

A closeup of someone's astrological birth chart.
Pixabay / MiraCosic
Pixabay / MiraCosic

These two signs could experience some high drama during the retrograde period, namely involving secrets. If you’ve been holding onto any, it’s best to share them before someone else does it for you.

You might also experience mental blocks, both creatively and logically. If you keep running headfirst into that wall that’s stopping you, you’ll just leave with a headache. Instead, walk away, and let inspiration come to you naturally.

If you’re looking for more information on how this retrograde will take its toll on you specifically, then you’ll need your own zodiac reading. We’re each on our own unique path and what some struggle with this season, might not be applicable to you too.

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The Cyclical Nature Of Retrograde

2022 also began with a Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, a fact that can work to your benefit.

A woman in profile with her hands clasped together, eyes closed, thinking.
Unsplash / Ben White
Unsplash / Ben White

Think back to the beginning of this year: what troubles were you facing? Were they circumstantial, or were they cyclical? Could any come back to haunt you again this year? The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to break old, harmful patterns and step into a new you. By remembering what struggles plagued you at the beginning of 2022, you may be able to predict their return and stop them in their tracks.

You Can Make It

Mercury knows its retrogrades can be rather cruel, especially during chaotic times such as the holidays. However, from chaos comes order, and in the ashes of whatever this period may bring, something beautiful can grow, so long as you put in the right work.

The planet Mercury hung in the sky above a body of water in which you can see its reflection.
Dragan Valentin’s Images via Canva
Dragan Valentin’s Images via Canva

This retrograde lasts until January 18, 2023. It may be a strange couple of weeks rife with uncertainty and insecurity, but by keeping these warnings in mind, you can make it out the other side even stronger than you started.

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