Middle-Aged Divorced Man Discovers He Has 25 Kids At 57 But Agrees To Meet Them In Person

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Imagine living your whole life childless, then getting to your 50s to find out that you actually are the biological parent of 25 whole grown-up children. Knowing just one other person who holds your DNA roams the earth is a big deal, let alone 25.

This is what happened to Peter Ellenstein when an unknown woman reached out to him to tell him that she thought that he was the biological father she has been searching for. How did this happen to a struggling actor who had no idea how many children he had? You’re about to find out!

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It All Goes Back To The 80s

Peter in the 80s black and white

Inside Edition/ Youtube

Inside Edition/ Youtube

Back in the ’80s, Peter Ellenstein was an inspiring actor who just needed a little extra hand to make his breakthrough. He felt like maybe if he persisted log enough, then he would finally land a role that gets his career going. However, while he waited, this meant that he needed to make money somehow to sustain himself.

So in order to make some quick cash, Peter decided to become an anonymous donor. However, he requested that the spark bank keep his identity hidden so that no one would find out who he was.