Millennials Shared A List Of Things Generation Z Knows Nothing About, And We Feel So Old

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While the discussion between Millennials, people from Generation Y, born between 1981 and 1996, and baby boomers seemed to be never-ending, a new generation appeared and seems to be ruling the world. The older generation maintained that Millennials are ruining the economy and the world in general, and was accused of being the culprit for any minor inconvenience Millennials stumble upon during the difficult period of growing up.

Yet, this new, fresher ‘generation z’ or ‘Genz’, which involves the people born from the mid-1990s to mid-2000s, is apparently making everyone feel old. Even though Millennials are not that old, as of 2019, the oldest members are 38 years of age, they are starting to feel ancient in comparison to these youngsters.

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Isn’t crazy to think that kids born today are too young to even now what an iPod is? Let alone a disk this big. Long live the days of not even being able to use the landline phone and internet at the same time. Now kids have four devices connected to the wi-fi at once at all times.

Let’s just pretend this is a medicine bottle and move on because it’ll consume a lot less energy than having to explain what this actually is. Many Millennials have recently admitted feeling 38 million years old on social media, as the members of Generation Z members, cannot relate to a lot of items their predecessors knew and used.

Millennials were considered undisciplined and delinquent by Generation X and the baby boomers (born from the 40s to the late 70s), the new set of people is now receiving all the aggression. Well, they got it all ready for them to enjoy, living in an era of numerous advanced technological gadgets, machines, and devices.

Does anyone know where the on and off the bottom are located on the cassette tapes? It seems too hard to imagine that on top of the tape, you also had to carry a cassette player to listen to it while it hung attached to your belt. Especially in today’s age where you can ask Siri or Alexa to play music from a different room just with the sound of your voice, no buttons required.

Kids today will never understand how difficult it was to decode the teacher’s handwriting especially when projected even with 10/10 vision. Something about the yellow light that came with it put even the most studious kid in class to sleep. Now kids in school have 3D printers…

CD players may as well be considered vintage at this point. Maybe they’ll come back as the trendy new thing to have like record players did at Urban Outfitters. Millennials lived in a time when Polaroid cameras and radio cassette players were the latest hit, and used the ridiculous circle-eared alarm clocks, and had 3 MB floppy disks, and antenna-wired monstrosities as cell phones, RGB cables, Word Perfect, and Game Boy.

On the other hand, the Generation Z babies seem to have it all from the start: smartphones, digital cameras and alarms, Plasma TVs, Word 2016, Xboxes, and external hard drives running into terabytes of storage capacity. Even though Millennials are using all of these now, they are a bit jealous for not having them when they were kids.

You know how they say a picture speaks a thousand words? I can hear the screeching sound of this pencil sharpener just by looking at this picture. Anyone else?

These pictures started being shared on Twitter. They are pictures of some of the objects and items from their time, and surprisingly, many members of the younger generation had no clue what any of those things are.

Well, times have changed so much, so it is ok to feel a bit old, Millennials, as you actually are.

We live in a world where the only way to know what games someone is playing is by logging in to their console and checking the games in their cloud. No one needs to wait in line to buy the latest game after camping all night anymore because all they need is the digital version which they can purchase from their couch.

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