5 Problems That Only Old Souls Experience

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There are different explanations for what an old soul is. Some think it stems from your interests and personality, but I think it’s rooted in a much deeper, spiritual source.

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New souls are being generated all the time, that should be plain to see. The human population keeps growing and growing!

But old souls are always being reincarnated, sort of like recycling in a way, and the more the soul has been reincarnated, the older it gets.

And in the same way the young person becomes an older, wiser person, the young soul ages as well.

Makes sense, right? There are new souls and old souls, and in the same way, there are problems that, most likely, only old souls will experience in life.

1. When you are young, you are constantly doubted, but…

You also have this uncanny ability to smell which way the wind is blowing, to sense when something is off, and your intuition is just sharp.

In our society, older people disregard the thoughts of the young because they perceive them as being inexperienced or naive.

Sometimes that’s true, but with an old soul, there is a wealth of experience from a culmination of past lives.

And these experiences, while not specifically remembered, create an imprint in your mind. As a result, you have a great sixth sense about things, even though many older people won’t believe you.