5 Problems That Only Old Souls Experience

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There are different explanations for what an old soul is. Some think it stems from your interests and personality, but I think it’s rooted in a much deeper, spiritual source.

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New souls are being generated all the time, that should be plain to see. The human population keeps growing and growing!

But old souls are always being reincarnated, sort of like recycling in a way, and the more the soul has been reincarnated, the older it gets.

And in the same way the young person becomes an older, wiser person, the young soul ages as well.

Makes sense, right? There are new souls and old souls, and in the same way, there are problems that, most likely, only old souls will experience in life.

1. When you are young, you are constantly doubted, but…

You also have this uncanny ability to smell which way the wind is blowing, to sense when something is off, and your intuition is just sharp.

In our society, older people disregard the thoughts of the young because they perceive them as being inexperienced or naive.

Sometimes that’s true, but with an old soul, there is a wealth of experience from a culmination of past lives.

And these experiences, while not specifically remembered, create an imprint in your mind. As a result, you have a great sixth sense about things, even though many older people won’t believe you.

2. As a child, you were seen as being ‘strange’.

This isn’t universally the case, but for many old souls, when they’re young, their peers, and often the adults around them, don’t get them. “Strange” is a pretty broad term, too.

This can entail being precocious, rebellious, and hungry for knowledge. These are kids that fight the power and also want to learn about things well above their grade levels.

The authorities in their lives will try to break them of some of the less ‘desirable’ qualities of an old soul, but chances are, the old soul just isn’t going to budge.

Turns out they’re a little stubborn. Who would have guessed?

3. You forgive too easily

It might frustrate the people in your life at some level, but some old souls tend to forgive a little too easily. “Water under the bridge,” they say.

They’ve been around the block a few times and they know that it’s not particularly useful to hold onto grudges.

Holding a grudge is like drinking a poison and expecting the other person to get sick. But because of that leniency, you can get burned more easily.

In this case, you may want to reconsider whether or not you let a person back in after they’ve been forgiven. Forgiveness doesn’t automatically grant a person a clean slate with you, after all.

4. You don’t forgive easily enough

This one definitely goes both ways. Some people, as they age, and as their souls age, become less idealistic and more cynical.

Cynicism is toxic for the spirit, and forgiveness is an important part of healing emotional and spiritual wounds.

Don’t be too rigid with people when things go bad. Instead, let it go. It’s a lot easier than you think. And it’s fair if someone burns you and you don’t want to let them back in.

But for your own sake, and to some extent theirs, you have to forgive them for what they’ve done.

5. People are inexplicably drawn to you

This attribute makes me laugh the most because, and this isn’t always the case, but most old souls are introverts and loners! They enjoy their peace and quiet.

And yet, because they are so well rounded, experienced, and many times just fun to be around, people are drawn to them.

It makes it easy to throw a party, but hard to get your alone time. For some old souls, you have to really learn how to strike a balance between social and personal life.

Otherwise you’ll find yourself with an emotional imbalance.

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