Mom Asks Police To Talk To Her Young Son About Stealing, Gets Arrested

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Tyeesha Mobley was at a gas station near her Bronx apartment with her two young boys when she caught the older of the two, the 9-year-old, taking $10 out of her purse. At the time, she thought that this would be a good chance to teach them a lesson, so she called the police and asked them to help her teach the boy about the consequences of stealing.

When the police arrived, the situation escalated out of control quickly. Three of the four officers who arrived realized that no serious offense had occurred and that it was a lighthearted call.

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“They started asking Tyleke what did he take,” said Mobley. “He told them. And about three officers was joking around with him, telling him, ‘You can’t be stealing, you’ll wind up going in the police car.’”

The fourth officer, however, had a different idea. He started yelling at the small family.