Meet The Mom Who Pushed Through The Odds and Graduated From High School With 2-Year-Old

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There is a reason MTV was able to capitalize on teen pregnancies in America. They happen frequently enough and usually, it means that the young mother has to drop out of high school to take care of her baby. However, not all mothers are willing to give up their education, especially when their goal is to make a better life for the life they have created.

This was the case for Odalis Contreras, a seventeen-year-old who had big life plans that didn’t yet include having a child. Yet, when it happened anyway, she was determined to raise her child while still completing her education, both for her own good and his. Here’s how she did it.

She Was Just 18 Years Old

Odalis holds her new born baby

odalis_contreras14 / Instagram

odalis_contreras14 / Instagram

Odalis Contreras was only 18 when she found that she was pregnant. She was still just a sophomore in high school in Arizona.

At the time, Odali’s worst fear was becoming just another statistic. She really valued her education and was afraid that she would have to drop out of school just like many of the teen moms who are not able able to complete their education. She was afraid that this would then affect her son’s ability to access his own education down the line.