Mom Gave Birth To Identical Triplets – Beating 1 in 200 million Odds

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Usually, when mothers get pregnant, especially when still young, they expect one baby at a time. However, Becki-Jo Allen, who was already a mom of one, got the surprise of a lifetime when she found out that she was actually having triplets. The surprises didn’t stop there, either: They weren’t just triplets, but identical triplets. The odds of that happening are one in 200 million!

Now Becki had just a couple of months to figure out how to triple all her preparation, from baby clothes to three times the expenses. This is how she did it.

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The Surprise Of A Lifetime

Becki-Jo was only 23 years old when she discovered she was pregnant a second time. She was the mom of a young girl named Indiana, who was undoubtedly excited to be given a sibling.

triplets as babies
beckijo92 / Instagram
beckijo92 / Instagram

No one expected that she was actually carrying not one but three babies. Now she was faced with a difficult task. Wanting to be the best mom she could be and give her children everything they would need, she had to quickly adapt from having one child to four in the course of 9 months.

Earlier Than Expected

Becki-Jo did her best to prepare, but life tends to have a mind of its own, and the triplets came earlier than expected. Becki-Jo went into labor at just 31 weeks, while pregnancy normally lasts from 37 weeks to 42 weeks.

babies in matching sailor outfits
beckijo92 / Instagram
beckijo92 / Instagram

The birth, especially being premature, wasn’t easy. All three babies turned out to be boys. Just like that, Roman, Rocco, and Rohan Tierney, came into the world weighing just over three pounds. Unfortunately, they come with many health complications and had to spend the next six weeks in the intensive care unit. However, the surprises kept coming…

Proven With A Test

The parents were surprised when all three boys looked exactly the same. However, they assumed that they would grow into their own individual features. They remained the same, and people started approaching Becki-Jo on the street, asking if they were identical.

triplets sitting on a rock in matching outfits
beckijo92 / Instagram
beckijo92 / Instagram

Finally, the mother decided to get the boys tested. When the results came back, they confirmed that the boys were in fact, identical triplets! The odds of that happening were between one and 60 – 200 million.

Luckily as they get older, they each are forming their own distinctive personalities so the mother can tell them apart rather easily: I don’t get them mixed up – it’s only when they’re asleep that they look the same to me,” the young mom said. “They all have completely different personalities.”

Bigger And Better

The journey so far has been rewarding but not easy. Becki-Jo explains: “When I found out I was pregnant with three, I thought, ‘we can’t afford a big car or a bigger house.’ It was a lot to take in,” However, despite the obstacles, Becki-jo felt like the children’s birth was fated, and she couldn’t be more grateful: “now they’re here, I just feel like I’m in a bubble of happiness. They’re absolutely smashing.”

triplets growing up as toddlers
beckijo92 / Instagram
beckijo92 / Instagram

Some statistics show that when adding up the costs of early childhood, such as birth, preschool, housing, food, education, and other expenses, the total can exceed $200,000. According to MoneyWise, raising a child born into adulthood costs an average of $10,000 – $15,000 a year. Now imagine that multiplied by four!

How Is This Possible

So how can triplets be identical? It all happens in the egg-releasing process. With twins, there are two types, fraternal and identical. With identical twins, the mother releases one egg, which is fertilized by one sperm, then diving into two, each becoming a separate baby. This is different from fraternal twins which are two separate eggs with two separate sperms.

mom and kids hold hands on the way to work / school
beckijo92 / Instagram
beckijo92 / Instagram

With triplets, the egg manages to split three times. Fraternal twins’ genetics are close like they would be to siblings, but with identical triplets, all of their DNA is the same.

It’s Dangerous

Triplets come with many health complications as they are usually underweight and require extra hospital care. “The more babies you have [at once], the more dangerous it is,” explains Dr. Jonathan Herman “There’s a saying that twins are twice as much fun for the family but three times as much trouble for doctors.”

kids in chirstms onesies cuddle on blanket
beckijo92 / Instagram
beckijo92 / Instagram

Unfortunately, there is no way to predict or control the number of babies in pregnancy. The odds are higher when there have been other twins in the family history, but it’s not guaranteed.

Rare, With A Few Worldwide

These identical triplets may be rare, but they’re not the only occurrence. Another set of identical triplets was born to Katie Craw in 2020, who like Becky-Jo, already had another kid first. The overwhelming news was also experienced a woman in Italy gave birth to three identical little girls Marisol, Clarissa, and Ginevra. It may be rare but not impossible.

kids now pose in matching hoodies
beckijo92 / Instagram
beckijo92 / Instagram

So far the mother has made it work and continues to raise the boys, now six yers-old with love and enthusiasm. She proudly shares: “They are popular and have lots of friends. They try hard all the time! And what you see is what you get with them. So proud of you, never change for anybody, you have the best personalities my little wild ones.”

The Mother’s Journey

Naturally, when Becki made the announcement, she captured the attention of strangers and friends alike, who all wanted to follow along her journey to see how she would pull this off. The then 23-year-old was up for the challenge and felt like growing up with many siblings equipped her for this experience. She has since gained over 60K followers on her Instagram page, where she often shares updates of her story and pictures of the children growing up.

mom and kids pose for picture
beckijo92 / Instagram
beckijo92 / Instagram

Now 26, this is how she describes herself: “I am the eldest of 5 and the only one with any kids. I am a mad chihuahua lady, I have 3 I’d have ten if I could! I love being around my kids. They are my everything. I am a vegetarian, and so are the kids. I am also a student children’s nurse and have worked so hard to get on the course, so yeah, I’m not a quitter. I’m a slight drama queen, too, apparently. I love Christmas I watch elf on repeat. Lastly, I am a Harry Potter geek and a Disney Geek !”

The way the young mom describes herself shows that she’s just like any of us: a person trying her best to make the most out of life and make the people she cares about happy. While she may not have expected so many children and had no control over the pregnancy, she still pursued her education and is giving herself and her children the best she can.

Each With Its Own Purpose

These three boys almost never made it to this world. Their mom shared: “You boys never got the chance to be full term, you had so many risks, but you showed everyone you are true fighters. Keep being your feisty, energetic, crazy selves.” Now they make look the same, but they each get to form their own identity, find their purpose and follow the path that leads them to it.

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