Mom Shares Photo Of Son’s Last Day Alive As A Warning To Other Parents

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A mother lost her three-year-old son through a tragedy that could have been avoidable. Despite the intense grief that she has been battling, she has used her son’s passing as an opportunity to shed light on how to prevent such horrible accidents. She hopes to warn other parents so that the deaths of such innocent lives can be prevented.

The warning starts with an image showing the young boy blissfully swimming in a pool, unaware that these would be his very last moments and that that same very pool would be the one to take his life. His life was taken too soon, but his mother is not letting it go to waste. Instead, she has found purpose in doing everything she can so that it never has to happen again.

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Levi’s Final Moments

Levi smiling while swimming in the pool with floaties

nicolehughes8 / Instagram

nicolehughes8 / Instagram

Above is a photo is three-year-old Levi on a family vacation. Like any other young child, he had no problem spending the whole day floating around until he was asked to fially come out for dinner. The boy’s smile alone shows how happy he must have felt.

Levi was wearing “puddle jumper” floatation devices wrapped around his arms. While these floaties are meant to keep him above water and prevent him from drowning, they would also be the device that takes his life.