Mom With OnlyFans Account Suing School Board After Being Banned From Volunteering

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The separation of one’s work and home life is extremely important. When the two areas blend, it can cause issues such as burnout or fatigue, leaving you feeling overworked even during your personal time as your job starts to invade private spaces.

However, there’s another, lesser-known danger that appears to be popping up more and more these days, which is someone’s employment causing them to lose out on social opportunities due to judgment from others. That’s what happened to one Florida woman who is now banned from volunteering at her children’s school—and she’s pursuing legal action because of it.

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Risky Employment

Victoria Triece, a 31-year-old mother, is suing Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) in Florida after they banned her from volunteering at her own sons’ school, Sand Lake Elementary, due to her profession.

Triece is an OnlyFans model, her income coming from self-described “sexually explicit” photos she posts to the site.

“It’s been extremely difficult. I feel like the one joy in my life, you know, was taken straight from my hands for no actual reason,” She told Wesh.

For Her Kids

“The reason that I even started OnlyFans was because I didn’t want a 9 to 5,” Triece explained. “I wanted to still be involved [with my sons]. I went through a crazy breakup. I wanted to still go to school with them and be with them 24/7 and be as involved in their lives as I could be without being away from them. They’re everything to me.”

Tirece speaking to the media about her suit.
YouTube / WESH 2 News
YouTube / WESH 2 News

She had already been volunteering at the school for five years before she was suddenly barred from returning, so she’s taking matters into her own hands.

Immediate Heartbreak

She explained it further while on Florida’s Fourth Estate, saying that she only started her OnlyFans so she could have the freedom to volunteer at the school, which is something a traditional job would not have allowed her.

“You can’t have a nine to five and commit to being in the school every day. So being told, ‘Oh, you’re no longer allowed to come around to do what you love to do,’ It’s just heartbreaking. I was heartbroken. I sat in the parking lot crying for an hour,” Triece said.

Facing The Music

She’s filed a lawsuit against OCPS after the principal of Sand Lake reportedly told her “she could no longer be around children on school grounds.” Those instructions reportedly came from the school board itself, which is why she’s escalated the suit.

“I’m not a bad person. I’m doing my job in private,” she said.

All she wants is the ability to volunteer with the students back so she can remain involved in the community and her sons’ school life.

Unjust Jugement

Her attorney, Mark NeJame, thinks the situation is appalling. “It’s kind of like the old days of having a scarlet letter on your head,” he said. “What she was doing, what she does in her off time, it’s not illegal. But yet, we have a morality police with the Orange County School Board and whatever administrators made this horrific decision.”

Tirece's attorney, Mark NeJame, speaking to the media about her suit.
YouTube / WESH 2 News
YouTube / WESH 2 News

In her formal complaint, Triece accuses the school board of both invasion of privacy and civil sexual cyberharassment as she claims the board sent her paid photos to staff, other employees, and the media without her consent.

Privacy Made Public

“Nobody knew about it until the school opted to out her. Until a parent didn’t like what she was doing in her off time and told the school. And then the school recklessly went ahead and distributed these images,” NeJame said.

Until this, Triece had been an upstanding volunteer. She passed her annual background checks and has no criminal record. The only supposed issue is her employment. This blending of her personal work life with her children’s school life sets a dangerous precedent for other parents.

Where’s The Line?

NeJame questions, “If they’re involved in multiple sex partners, are they prevented from seeing their children at school? If they work in the adult industry as a topless dancer or as a male dancer, are they prevented from seeing their children at school? Where does this stop?”

Tirece speaking to the media about her suit.
YouTube / WESH 2 News
YouTube / WESH 2 News

“If somebody’s a big game hunter which many people think might be immoral, are they prevented from coming into the school because some morality police says what they’re doing doesn’t meet up to their moral standards?”

A Terrible Standard

It’s for these reasons that Triece is bringing awareness to her situation, so that no other parent has to face the same discrimination.

“I want a change. I don’t want any parent at all to ever go through this. It’s not, to me, it’s just not fair at all,” she said.

NeJame says they originally planned to sue for at least $1 million in damages, but have now decided to leave it up to the jury’s consideration.

Aren’t There Other Options?

“The fact is we’re going to be seeking maximum damages and then allow a jury to determine what it costs somebody to be taken from their child, what it costs somebody not to be able to participate in their child’s lives, what it costs somebody to be having this publicly exposed,” he explained.

Tirece speaking to the media about her suit.
YouTube / WESH 2 News
YouTube / WESH 2 News

On Florida’s Fourth Estate, Triece addressed comments suggesting she ‘just get a new job’, saying, “What I do is none of their business. I’m not hurting anybody. I’m not being a bad person, I’m doing a job, I have infinite time with my kids. I’m a single mother with two boys. I’m the one that takes them to school, I’m the one that picks them up. I’m the one that travels with them. I’m the one that does essentially everything for them like, this is the only way that I can have that free time and still be there with them as much as possible.”

Levels Of Hypocrisy

Another point of contention is that the school still seems happy to take her donations of school supplies that she would regularly bring into the classroom but doesn’t want her around the kids specifically.

“She goes and gets books and school supplies, and buys them out of her own money and takes them to the school, but then has to meet in her car outside, outside the building where somebody comes and gets it,” NeJame said. “So, they’re very happy to take what she’s giving and the contribution she continues to make. But she’s not allowed on the property, not allowed to go inside and see the children, although she’s still contributing. It’s just the epitome of hypocrisy.”

Putting A Stop To It

Not to mention that this affects her children as well, as they’ve begun questioning why she can send them in with stuff to donate, but can’t come in herself for any of the events she used to attend.

An image of Tirece's sons' school, Sand Lake Elementary.
YouTube / WESH 2 News
YouTube / WESH 2 News

“They’re like ‘Why weren’t you there?’” she said.

NeJame added, “[The school board is] saying, ‘No, we don’t like what you do in your own time and we’re making a unilateral decision to bar you — to basically ban you — from seeing your children, from participating in something that you love and enjoy and you’re helping other students with.”

The two are hoping a jury will agree that barring her from volunteering because of her private work is cruel, unjust, and a treacherous path to start down for school boards everywhere.

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