7 Laws of Karma That Will Completely Change Your Life

We all have a general understanding as to what good and bad karma can bring to us in life.

The type of energy that you put out into the universe is bound to come back to you ten fold. This applies to so many aspects of life that we sometimes forget about when we are trying to do the right things.

There may even be times where we've accidentally wronged someone unintentionally and have paid the consequence regardless of the mistake.

This is more than okay, just as long as you didn't intentionally mean to wrong someone, in that case you deserved every bit of whatever consequences come your way.

In order for us to have good karma we must look at the things we can improve on as well as being mindful about others. Here are seven ways that karma can change your life forever.

1. Focus On Your Current Goals

One of the best ways that you can bring good karma into your life is by focusing on the goals that you have already set for yourself.

This means giving nothing else the time of day to truly distract you from what you are doing.

Of course it's good to take a break every once in a while, however, you must remain adamant about the things you want to see flourish from your success.

Failure will always be an aspect of trying to achieve something, so take your failures as a lesson in order for you to improve yourself that much further.

2. Be Connected To The World Around You

This means being connected to the present moment in your life.

The more that you allow yourself to dwell on the past then you will never truly live in the present.

The future is a bit too vague for you to really make a decision for, since time is changing your life every single day there is really no way for you to determine what exactly is going to happen.

The best way for you be connected and bring good karma into your world is by living every single day to your greatest potential.

3. Take Responsibility

Another extremely good way for putting good karma into your life is by taking responsibility for the things that you have committed in life.

Whether it's something good or something bad you must always be willing to stand by the thing you've created.

You may not like the results if it was something bad, but you are doing the right thing by claiming the bad thing as your own.

Not everyone is able to take responsibility for their actions, especially these days. So try to stay mindful in this aspect of good karma.

4. Learn To Laugh At Yourself

Humility is also one of the greatest ways you can achieve good karma in your life. If you are unable to laugh at yourself, then you will not be able to take any kind of criticisms at all.

Mentioned before, failures are lessons for us to learn from so that we can make the necessary improvements in the things we know we must change.

Do not take everything everyone says so seriously, but at the same time, be willing to take a joke every now and then. Humility goes a long way with people.

5. Be Patient

One of the best methods to achieving good karma in your life is by learning how to be tolerant as well as patient with the world. This goes without saying but not everything is going to go your way exactly the way you want it every single day of your life.

There are going to be moments where you really want something to be over with but it's going to require a lot of your patience and time in order for it to be a success in the end.

People are easily impatient when it comes to the things they want, but there's an old saying that goes "All good things come to those who wait."

6. Practice Being Kind

One of the ultimate ways of achieving good karma in your life is practicing being kind, not just to others, but to yourself. Self-love is of the utmost important when it comes to being kind to others.

If you are just putting on a fake smile for people to enjoy then that isn't really a genuine feeling that you're giving them.

Take the time to find the things that make you the happiest in life and do everything in your power to accomplish those things.

The more you figure out how to be kind to yourself, being kind to others will just come naturally.

7. Practice Being Comfortable With Change

Change is not the best thing and yet at the same time it is. The problem with change is that we have a really hard time coping with differences that we aren't familiar with from before.

This doesn't necessarily make that change a bad thing it's just that we aren't use to it. Practice being open minded to new things that you normally wouldn't find yourself doing.

Of course, this is going to require you going out of your comfort zone, but the more you are able to accept change the more good karma will be apart of your life.

Hopefully this has guided you into the right direction when it comes to achieving good karma!


Crowd Damage On Black Friday Shows The Horrifying Side Of Consumption

It's almost that time of year again. Right before the holiday festivities and the season of gift-giving, most stores capitalize on the season by offering their biggest discounts of the year for a day. It is estimated that the average Black Friday shopper will spend $358 that day making it the most popular shopping day.

In fact, in 2020 the total amount of sales was estimated to reach $11 Billion both from growing online sales and from the never-ending lines from the shoppers who still make the trip to stores in person. Black Friday also has a dark side... the bigger the crowd the higher the risk of fights, pushing, shoving, and trampling, not to mention the messes that retail workers have to then deal with...See for yourself.

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Rules No Longer Apply

piles of ike shoes fallen down from aisles

jhyman / Instagram

It's like suddenly the rules of society, politeness, and consideration for others go out the window on Black Friday. No one thinks of the retail workers who can't keep up with the piling messes made by grown adults who suddenly have no issue throwing items off the aisle in their hurry to find the best deals.

It's like adults revert back to a childlike state where only what they want matters and they'll throw a tantrum if they have to to get the item that they want.

Time Is Completely Wasted

Best buy camping line

ang_az / Instagram

Is there really a material item that is worth leaving the blessing of a warm bed in a sheltered home to spend the night on the hard ground in a tent just to be the first in line for some deal.

First of all that can't be comfortable. Second, what does it say about how a person values their time? Time is so precious and every moment in it counts. Do we want to spend it bettering ourselves or camped on the cold hard ground just to buy more stuff to distract ourselves with?

Patience Is Put To The Test

kenleyontv / Instagram

These people are in line for a 40-inch tv for 150 bucks. For the time being, they're doing it in an orderly manner, keeping in mind that some parents brought their toddlers along.

That's not always the case, however. Between 2006 and 2018, 44 Black Friday incidents were reported in America leaving 11 dead and 109 injured. The stories of these injuries can be quite horrifying such as the story of a man who shattered his hip after getting shoved into a shelf of cut-rate presents.

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Going Backwards In Time

black friday vs renaissance image

ComradeElectronic / Reddit

When you think about it, when we subject ourselves to prioritizing a big discount over our own morals and respect for one another, it's like we go back to a more primitive way of being.

We go back in time to when rules and laws that kept safety and respect weren't yet in place. While rules aren't perfect, they're meant to keep order and protect rights and freedoms. Maybe more regulation is required to make sure crowds no longer push and trample each other.

The Deals Aren't Even That Good

u/Nurrsha / Reddit

This Black Friday sale didn't do a good job of hiding their price increase. It makes you question, is it really all worth it? Granted, for some families the only way they can afford higher-end luxury is on days like this when prices are reduced.

The issue for a lot of the deals is the price reduction is only an illusion. It might be worth doing some research first and weighing out the risk and worth of venturing out.

Take It With A Grain Of Salt

Shoppers fill a Target Store on Black Friday in Chicago, November 25, 2011. \u200b

Photo Credit: John Gress/Corbis via Getty Images

"My favorite black Friday moment was the husband who stationed himself at the pile of jeans and found people the size they were looking for. When I asked him if he worked there he replied 'my wife made me come along, I might as well be useful.'

Then he tipped his coffee mug at me and said "I also added whiskey, that helps" with a smile." - gypsyminded1

Black Friday doesn't have to be all bad. If you go out, be safe, be courteous, be mindful of others including workers, and treat yourself.

If you're looking for a sign on whether you need a life change then you're here for a reason. This is your sign. You aren't going to find meaning and purpose in the next item you buy or deal you find.

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