Morticians Share The Most Unsettling Things They’ve Seen When Working With Death

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It’s likely no easy job to stare at death straight in the face on a daily basis. However, since death is a natural part of life, someone is bound to deal with it. There are numerous jobs that involve intimate contact with death such as paramedics, Hospice Carers, Morgue Attendants, etc.

The amount of vicarious trauma they must experience before going numbing is unsettling. Yet they cope with it every day to try and save these bodies. bring closure to the families of the deceased as well as a respectful end to the ones gone.

However when asked “what is the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen?”, this is what they had to say.

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The Reality Of Hangings

Paramedics encounter hangings more than than anyone ever should be exposed to them: “hangings are always very eerie scenes. They somehow seem staged, cinematic, and unreal.And it’s odd what sticks in your memory. Like how neatly they placed their slippers beside the ladder, or how rough the knot is. Hangings often extend the neck in an inhuman way” – IrrelevantPuppy / Reddit

man's hand-holding-brown-rope
Evelyn Chong / Pexels
Evelyn Chong / Pexels

This is a common experience. Another paramedic adds: “I’ve witnessed that as well. We had to cut down a guy who hanged himself in his garage nothing overly special. Except his next had stretched, and I mean a good 10/12 inches. I had made a comment about him Looking like a giraffe the police officer beside me- bruisermcstinkfinger / Reddit

Animals Are No Exceptionn

All living things eventually die, and that includes our beloved pets. A vet describes something very peculiar about their death: “I have witnessed the phenomenon of ‘jumping ship’ twice. Once we had a cat who was old and sick be brought in to be put down. She was covered in fleas and so when we put the medicine in that euthanized them the fleas were able to tell and immediately started leaving the body in huge numbers to the point where the area around the body was black from fleas.” – deleted / Reddit

cat-at-the-veterinarian- being held by doctors
Gustavo Fring / Pexels
Gustavo Fring / Pexels

“It doesn’t take a professional to notice this phenomenon. My roommate’s cat was 19 yrs old and was dying, she was sleeping on the other couch in the living room we were in and then we saw what looked like the air around her vibrating, and we got closer and realized it was the fleas all jumping off. She was all the way dead like 5 mins later, it was a weird experience.- im-a-lllama/ Reddit

Already Home

This story is as sad as it is heartwarming: “100-year-old patient with cancer. The family does not want to pursue further workup and he is placed on comfort care with a plan to discharge him back to home on hospice. He’s feeling well on the day of discharge, his sons come by to make sure he gets on the ambulance. Medics load him onto the gurney, he closes his eyes, takes one more breath and dies right there.

Pixabay / Pexels
Pixabay / Pexels

The sons told us later that they were actually pretty relieved because they didn’t want their father to die at home because of how much it would affect their mother.

I have never had a patient die while in the process of leaving the hospital. It’s weird for a physician to say, but damn, what a good way to go.” dagayute / Reddit

In a sense, he was already home and at peace.

Till Death Did Them Part

“A seemingly healthy middle-aged guy had a heart attack and passed away early one morning. His wife and adult kids came in that afternoon to make arrangements. A few hours later at home, while her family was eating dinner, she went to lay down, had a heart attack of her own and passed away.

RODNAE Productions / Pexels
RODNAE Productions / Pexels

So we ended up picking up both the husband and the wife at the same time” -Haceldama / Reddit

There is some sweet even in death when thinking that the husband and wife were so connected as one, that when was gone, the other one left with him.

Straight Out Of A Movie

“My mom was a paramedic for fifteen years and once had to do a body recovery for two teenage girls on a full moon walking through waist-high grass and fog while their wrecked van played uninvited by Alanis Morrisette when she was a paramedic.

Full Moon shining on a Field
Luca / Unsplash
Luca / Unsplash

She says it was one of the most unsettling moments of her career” LittlestDeborah / Reddit

Does this not sound like the beginning of every horror movie?

This One Is Just Mean

“Someone was calling ‘Help!’ and banging on the door of the morgue from the inside. The door had been rigged to stay shut from the outside.

feet with tag at the morgue
Castaldo Studio / Getty Images Via Canva Pro
Castaldo Studio / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

No zombies, it was a very alive and very terrified woman. The housekeeping staff were hazing a newbie who was terrified of bodies.” Abaiyachi / Reddit

As we mentioned earlier, Morticians have to get pretty comfortable with death on a daily basis, so the earlier they face it right on, the more desensitized they can become to handle their line of work.

May They Rest In Peace

“When a person is really old, they can look dead when they are actually alive and vice versa. I walked into a room and I could see this guy propped up in bed, his eyes were wide open and he sounded like he was choking on mucus.

Alan Cabello / Pexels
Alan Cabello / Pexels

So I started to suction it out and then I realized he never started to breathe. I checked a pulse and he was dead. But his eyes were still open like he was staring at me. I had to do the thing they show on TV a lot where the doctor puts their have over the person’s face and closes the eye. We left him in bed peacefully.” Racer13l / Reddit

We may try to hold on to life for as long as possible but there comes a time when we all must let go. The closer we getto that time, we hope that the more at peace with it we become. We’re not sure exactly what waits for us next, but we’d like to think it’s a peaceful place where we may finally rest, away from the hardships of this world and the illnesses of our decaying bodies.

Live While You Can

The good news is you’re here reading this ad still full of life. This is your reminder to make the most of your time here. Make an impact, leave a legacy. Don’t be afraid to love deeply, take risks and see the world.

woman-standing-on-sunflower-field with hat smiling
Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels
Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

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