12 Things To Never Take For Granted In Your Relationship

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1. Your partner makes it clear how much they love you.

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Unsplash / PNW Production
Unsplash / PNW Production

They don’t only say that they love you, but they act upon it too. They make coffee for you in the morning, include you in all decisions big and small, they do

2. Your partner supports you through thick and thin.

They’re not afraid to call you out on it when you’re wrong, but just because you messed up doesn’t mean you don’t deserve support from your partner.

They’ll stick by you through the good and the bad.

3. Your partner inspires you to do better.

In addition to #2, your partner will help inspire you to do better when you’re faltering. They’ll be your support structure.

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4. Your partner works hard to gain your trust.

I always try to maintain the attitude that you should trust until you have a reason not to, but the ideal partner will take steps to make sure that your trust is earned, not assumed.

5. Your partner makes you feel attractive.

They’ll tell you you look beautiful or handsome or cute. They’ll complement how you look. They’ll make you feel attractive and special in general.

6. You feel safe with your partner.

And I don’t mean like in a safe from home invasion kind of safe. You’ll feel like you can take on anything the world has to throw at you when you’re with them.

7. Your partner doesn’t cross the line.

And if they do, they’re super super sorry about it. It takes time to figure out what your partner’s buttons are, but once it’s established, they won’t be pushed.

8. Your partner always wants to improve with you.

I’ve always thought that the strongest relationships are ones where the people involved grow together instead of apart.

The perfect partner will try to grow with you as much as they can.

9. Your partner feels actions are louder than words.

Sort of like what I was talking about with love. The act of love is a lot more meaningful than just saying the words.

They’ll show their commitment to you in many different ways. Be sure you’re paying attention.

10. Your partner will open up and be honest with you.

Don’t expect it on the third date necessarily, but over time, your perfect partner will become more comfortable with you and won’t have any problem being open and honest with you always.

11. You’ll feel comfortable being completely honest with your partner.

And you’ll probably feel the same as they do.

12. Your partner will never be abusive.

This is the most important. There’s no “he was just mad,” or “she just had a long day at work.” They’ll check themselves when they’re upset by something.

They’ll never abuse you physically or verbally. And if they do, they might not be the perfect partner anymore. These things do change over time.

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