New Research Has Revealed The Single Most Valuable Personality Trait

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We would like to believe that every single quality in a personality would lead to success, but as of late, research has whittled the list down to this one specific trait: Conscientiousness.

This is the trait in a personality that will ensure a person’s future success, not just on a personal level, but when it comes to careers as well. Now, how exactly did science find conscientiousness to be the key to a person’s success?

According to the book How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character it states this:

“It would actually be nice if there were some negative things that went along with conscientiousness,” Roberts told me. “But at this point it’s emerging as one of the primary dimensions of successful functioning across the lifespan. It really goes cradle to grave in terms of how people do.”

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Essentially, what this all boils down to, is that if you are a person who prides themselves on being systematic, neat, organized, and efficient, then you are one of the more successful human beings compared to most of your peers.

Being conscientious means that you are vigilant or careful in the things you do. Which also means that you do your best when it comes to executing a task.

A person who is able to perform all of these things is bound to climb the ranks faster than a majority of others who lack this simple trait in their personality.

The book explains a variety of other reasons why conscientiousness is one of the most important and valued aspects of a personality for someone to have. It may not seem like this will be the reason for anyone’s success, but you’d be surprised just how accurate this research really is.

Just to give you a couple ideas about what we said earlier about it being the key to personal and career success, here are two quotes from the book that describe success with conscientiousness very well:

“…the personality traits Conscientiousness and Neuroticism have a strong impact on the instantaneous probability of finding a job, where the former has a positive effect and the latter has a negative effect.”

Among adults over age 45 (n = 2,419), Neuroticism and low Agreeableness were associated with metabolic syndrome, whereas high Conscientiousness was protective. Individuals who scored in the top 10% on Conscientiousness were approximately 40% less likely to have metabolic syndrome…

“Conscientiousness, which was the best predictor of longevity when measured in childhood, also turned out to be the best personality predictor of long life when measured in adulthood.

It may seem like a lost cause if you feel like you do not have any of these qualities in yourself, but that is where we find the means to recreate ourselves and what conscientiousness means to us.

It is true, however, that not everyone will awaken themselves to this way of operating their daily routine. There may be a certain way that you tend to function that will not allow any other kind of interference to take place such as this trait.

This research does suggest a lot of good points, however, when it comes to terms of having a successful lifestyle.

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