Mother Wins Lottery Jackpot The Day After Daughter Beats Cancer

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Are you someone who believes in karma? Or do you put your faith in luck? There’s no right answer to these questions, as both are equally true and false. Neither is definitively provable, but many people find comfort in both options, in either believing that the good we do will surely come back to us or that we’re all at the whims of the universe, so we might as well not stress.

Every so often, a story comes along that seems to encompass elements of both karma and luck, making for something truly awe-inspiring, like that of a Florida mom who hit two amazing milestones one after the other.

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Just In Case

When spirits and luck are high, it’s not uncommon for someone to advise you that you should buy a lottery ticket. The belief is that since things are already going so well, that good nature might continue and result in some sizeable winnings if you pick the right ticket or the right numbers.

A closeup of some Euro lottery tickets.
Pexels / Waldemar
Pexels / Waldemar

Though it’s entirely rooted in superstition, for some, that logic ends up working out—like one mother who received two bouts of incredibly good news on the same day.

A Hard-Fought Battle

Geraldine Gimblet is a mother from Florida whose family had been facing some struggles in recent months.

Geraldine and Lawrencia on a video call talking about their experience.
Good Morning America
Good Morning America

Her daughter, Lawrencia Jackson, had been battling breast cancer for quite some time. Anyone who has had a family member face something as awful as cancer knows how much one person’s diagnosis can affect the family at large.

Thankfully, Lawrencia was able to come out on top, successfully beating the illness and being able to ring the survivor’s bell on the last day of her chemotherapy treatment.

Completely Unexpected

In celebration of her daughter’s health, Geraldine decided to buy a lottery ticket, thinking their streak of good news might continue.

The Gimblet family picking up their winning lottery check.
Twitter / @floridalottery
Twitter / @floridalottery

And continue it would, as the ticket Geraldine purchased won her $2 million!

“The day before my mom bought this ticket, I rang the bell and walked out of the hospital after completing my last treatment for breast cancer,” Lawrencia told the lottery bureau when she went with her mom to pick up the winnings.

She Almost Didn’t Get The Ticket

She pulled up to a Pipkin Road Beverage Castle to pick up one of her favorite types of scratch tickets, crossword games.

A greyscale image of someone filling out a newspaper crossword.
Pexels / Beyzaa Yurtkuran
Pexels / Beyzaa Yurtkuran

“At first the gas station clerk thought there were no tickets left, but I asked him to double check because I like the crossword games the best,” Geraldine said. “He found the last one!”

That particular ticket was a $10 investment that carried the potential of winning one of the eight $2 million top prizes, as well as the 20 second-tier prizes of $100,000.

Coming Out On Top

She couldn’t believe she’d won at first. “I just didn’t know. I was like, ‘Are you sure, would you check this on your phone?’ And, I won,” She told Good Morning America.

Scattered American and European bills.
Pexels / Karoline Grabowska
Pexels / Karoline Grabowska

Not only did this further the celebration being had by the entire family, but it was also more than enough to cover Lawrencia’s treatment costs.

“My mom had taken out her life savings to take care of me when I was sick,” she said of Geraldine. “I’m just so happy for her!”

It Meant The World

Geraldine explained that she hadn’t even thought twice when it came to paying for her daughter’s cancer treatments, saying it came naturally to her as a mother.

Geraldine and Lawrencia on a video call talking about their experience, Lawrencia kissing her mom on the cheek.
Good Morning America
Good Morning America

“I really didn’t think about it. I just did what I had to do.”

To Lawrencia, it was everything. She said the act was a sign of “a mother’s love.”

“Her doing what she did just meant so much to me,” she explained. “I don’t even see where I can replace it. I just have to keep loving her, maybe that’ll help.”

Continue Celebrating

That’s all behind them now, as now Geraldine gets to enjoy her winnings and her daughter’s presence.

“It was truly amazing,” Geraldine said. “It was a blessing.”

She opted for the lump-sum payment, which totaled out to $1.6 million.

This story is not only one of resilience on the part of Lawrencia and her family but of luck and hope in celebratory times. The next time you have a reason to celebrate, even if it’s small, relish that as much as you can, as you never know what continued brightness will come your way.

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