Watch This Neglected Lion Who Was Chained For Over 20 Years Finally Get His Freedom!

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The back of an old, rusty and decrepit old pickup-truck is no place for any animal to live, let alone a full grown adult mountain lion.

Sadly, that’s exactly where a mountain lion named Mufasa was forced to live his life as part of a traveling roadside circus in Peru.

While the details of the mountain lion Mufasa’s early life remain mostly unknown, it is believed that he had originally been born free in the wild somewhere down in South America.

He was most likely kidnapped from his mother when he was still very young cub and sold into captivity shortly after that.

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Over the following twenty years he was mistreated and kept bound up in heavy metal chains while being forced to endure life on the road with the circus.

Life was anything but natural and comfortable for Mufasa.

His captors brought him from one town to the next in the back of an old pickup truck, where he was further chained to some old rusty pieces of equipment.

He barely had any room to move around and no bed or clean spot to lay on, just a dusty corner surrounded by metal bars and dirt.