This Eco-Conscious Suit Transforms Your Body Into Mushrooms After You Die

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I’m going to tell you something that won’t surprise you: human beings aren’t very easy on the environment. Yes yes, shocking, but true. All of the nasty chemicals like lead and mercury and BPA that we absorb over our lives stays in our bodies. When we die, those chemicals leak right back into the atmosphere.

If you’re cremated, all of those chemicals end up in the atmosphere. Cremation is a huge source of mercury in the atmosphere and stuffing our bodies with formaldehyde and cosmetics for a pretty funeral ain’t great either. So what are the alternatives?

Jae Rhum Lee, cofounder of Coeio, has developed an alternative to all of it: a mushroom suit that allows mushrooms to eat you after you’ve died. The spores activate during the process of decomposition and break down all the heavy metals and chemicals your body may contain.

Dennis White, a 63 year old who suffers from Primary Progressive Aphasia, a neurodegenerative disease, has volunteered to test the suit when he dies. The company has hundreds of others on the waiting list to get eaten by mushrooms.

What do you think? Everyone dies, there’s no way of getting around it, but what do you want to happen to your earthly vessel when it gives up?