This Is How The Mainstream Media Is Lying To You About Muslims & Islam

Private entities and the government will often employ propaganda to twist the perceptions of people until a critical mass is reached that will green light whatever projects these entities want to undertake. One way that governments use propaganda is to foment support for wars by forcing a belief that the perceived enemy is somehow subhuman.

In this way, the Islamic religion is painted with a broad brush as some sort of warlike cult. As Americans, we are given the picture of a 'terrorist,' and he looks like an angry Muslim. The problem here is that most terrorist attacks in America are carried out by white men, and that those that carry out terrorist attacks in the name of Islam are not even close to representing the majority of its adherents. Are there Muslims who commit acts of terror? The answer is, of course, yes. However, there are people worldwide carrying out acts of terror in the name of a particular religion. There are even terrorists within the traditionally peaceful Buddhist religion.

Knowledge is power, and we're here to debunk some current myths about Islam that we've seen swirling around major media.

All Muslims Are Terrorists.

Let's use ISIS as an example: of the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, the richest terrorist group in the world can only field 15,000 troops in battle. That is at its strongest. This is only 1 out of every about 100,000 Muslims in the worldwide population that is willing to fight on the side of ISIS. By contrast, the Iraqi army is now 250,000 strong.

The premise that all Muslims are terrorists is just ridiculous. Now even 1% are willing to commit acts of terror.

Muslims Subjugate Their Women.

First of all, whenever the phrase 'their women' is spoken, the speaker is aligning him or herself with the same beliefs that they are trying to condemn. Although some Muslims beat and terrorize women, men worldwide have always shown themselves capable of this behavior. Studies have concluded that, in America, 25% of women will be beaten by 'their men' within their lifetimes. This is not an issue of religion or nationality, necessarily. It's more of an issue of patriarchal dominance that has existed across history and cultures for millenia.

Islamic Countries Allow Child Brides And The Rape Of Children.

This occurs in the Muslim world, but it occurs in the United States also, many times deep in the religious heartland. Child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church has been well-documented. Again, this is an issue that pervades the world, and is not specific to Islam. You can check out this map to see where child marriage happens the most. You might note that there are no Middle Eastern nations in the top 20.

Muslims Want Sharia Law.

Many Muslims do believe in Sharia law, however, what that exactly means is subject to various interpretations. In Lebanon, 38% of Muslims don't believe that it's the word of God, and among those that do believe, only 29% think that it should be a country's legal system. A majority of Lebanese Muslims don't believe Sharia law applies to non-Muslims, either.

Among those that embrace Sharia law, the violent aspects of it are often the subject of controversy and disbelief. For example, under Sharia law, the crime of adultery is punishable by stoning. Using the math from the links above, less than 3% of Muslims believe that this should be the law for the population at large. However, in America, there has been at least one politician that seems to advocate the stoning of homosexuals.

Some countries have higher rates of belief in using Sharia law, and some have lower. Lebanon was chosen because it falls in the middle as far as averages go.

They Don't Want To Modernize.

This is simply an untruth that marginalizes the pioneers for change in the Muslim world. There are literally thousands of Muslim men and women who are in prison for attempting to change corrupt governmental laws. There are Arab nations who have imprisoned people for trying to impart positive change. In fact, Saudi princesses have been imprisoned and starved for speaking out in favor of women's rights. Journalists rot behind bars and endure torture for questioning their governments.

What's worse is that the U.S. government supports these governments because they are our allies and help us to hold onto our interests and maintain our footprint in the Middle East. Of these, Saudi Arabia is the most notorious example.


Media is notorious for spreading inaccuracies. As a result, so many people in the U.S. believe that they need to save Muslims from themselves, or that they are somehow lesser people. This makes it easy to condone airstrikes and other unnatural forms of distance warfare. Now, you're armed with the equipment to scrutinize what the media and our government is trying to force-feed you.

In closing, the justification for intervention in the Arab world is often underscored by the equal-rights issue. The Islamic world struggles for equal rights of women and homosexuals throughout many nations. However, this is not a true justification for war. If it was, we would be invading some of our own states.

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