A Man Lived A Happy Life For 10 Years, Then Woke Up In Hospital And Was Told He Dreamed It All

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How can we really tell reality apart from our imagination? How do you know that the life you’re living is real? That your wife is really your wife or your child is really alive? You may convince yourself that there’s no way it’s not real because you can feel it, touch it and even have memories of it.

But one man lived a whole 10 years thinking the same thing until the day something just didn’t feel right. He noticed that something was wrong with his lamp and became fixated on it. Suddenly, he was woken up ,and found himself on the ground with the past 10 years of his life completely erased. He still had the memories of his wife and children but no proof that they ever existed. This is a true story.

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It Started Out Like Most Love Stories

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Emma Bauco / Unsplash

Emma Bauco / Unsplash

The man who goes by the name “temptotosssoon” on Reddit kept his name out of the story because he felt like it was really personal. He described how about ten years he met “a wonderful young lady, she made my heart skip and my face red.” Just like all love stories go he attempted to pursue her but she always seemed to be tied up with a boyfriend who didn’t treat her well: “I pursued her for months and dispatched a few jerk boyfriends before I finally won her over.”

The couple dated for two years before they got married. Soon into their marriage, they gave birth to a baby girl and his happy ever after seemed more possible than ever.