A Narcissist’s Worst Nightmare

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Narcissistic people tend to be some of the most self-absorbed human beings on the entire planet. They demonstrate more often than not that they would rather much not be dealing with you or anyone else that tries to get in the way of their self-indulgence.

If you are dealing with a narcissist of your own, it is important that you look for these certain things that they will try to avoid in order to manipulate your relationship with them so that they get exactly what they want from you.

It’s also an important thing to keep in mind that you always have the power to just tell them no, walk away, and move on from this horrible experience of a toxic personality.

1. Gratitude

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Pexels / Marcus Wöckel
Pexels / Marcus Wöckel

Narcissists will avoid giving you any kind of credit when it comes to you helping them out.

Instead, they will point out all of your flaws, all of the things you should’ve done, and how you are expected to do all of this/more for them.

This is a very self-destructive behavior that a person can have simply because they will seem as if they will never be satisfied with what you give them.

If you’ve begun to notice that the person you are dealing with purposely avoids praising you for any kind of effort, you may be experiencing a toxic narcissistic person.

2. Apologies

Narcissists will never give you an apology especially if it’s something that they did.

They already know what they’ve done and they are going to refuse to acknowledge all of the consequences that follow after their cruel deeds.

If the person you are dealing with seems as if they are never going to apology it could be because you are dealing with a toxic narcissistic person.

In their world, they are never the one who is in the wrong, only all of the other people who should’ve done things ‘differently’ so that this never even happened.

3. Attention

Narcissistic people will avoid paying any kind of attention to people they don’t care for, which is almost everyone.

If it isn’t them speaking about something they want to discuss, they simply shut out all of the other noise in the room as if no one was even there to begin with.

If the subject isn’t about them or anything that they want, then they simply claim the issue to not be any of their problem.

Notice next time if the person you are dealing with avoids paying attention to you, you could be experiencing a narcissist.

4. Free Handouts

You will never see a narcissist giving anyone a free handout for anything. It’s pretty safe to conclude that every single narcissistic person only truly cares about themselves and their own self gain.

The idea of giving anything for free to just anyone completely disgusts them and will avoid any kind of direct confrontation when they are expected to do so.

They hate giving things away for free especially when they expect everyone else to give them free things. Look for this quality to a person, you may be dealing with a toxic narcissist.

5. Compassion/Empathy

Narcissists will never show any kind of form of compassion or empathy other than for themselves.

Unless you are giving them something that will benefit them, they will never express any kind of empathy to you at all. They expect people to give them things in exchange for their presence.

Every narcissist believes that they are worth a lot more than everyone else claims to be. If you’ve noticed these aspects to someone, then you could possibly be dealing with a toxic narcissist.

Hopefully these little indications have helped you recognize when you are dealing with a narcissist of your own.

Again, it is more than okay for you to tell them ‘no’ if they are asking or making you do something uncomfortable. Your happiness comes first above theirs.

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